Getting started

  1. Clone your repo appex03-[github_name] on GitHub to create a new project in RStudio Cloud under the STA 199 class space.

  2. Configure git

    use_git_config("your name","your email")

Packages and Data

Let’s load package tidyverse.


To load the data we will use function read_csv2() and save the data frame as an object named ncbikecrash.

ncbikecrash <- read_csv2("data/nc_bike_crash.csv")


Task 1

Identify the most common driver speed limit for when bike crashes occur.

Task 2

Filter ncbikecrash for crashes in residential areas where the driver age group is 0-19.

Task 3

What is the mean hour for when a crash occurs in Durham County for each month?

Task 4

Plot your result from Task 3.


Stage, commit and push

  1. Stage your modified files.
  2. Commit your changes with an informative message.
  3. Push your changes to your GitHub repo.
  4. Verify your files were updated on GitHub.

Slide notes