Getting started

  1. Clone your repo appex07-[github_name] to create a new project in RStudio Cloud under the STA 199 class space.

  2. Configure git

    use_git_config("your name","your email")

Packages and Data

paris_paintings <- read_csv("data/paris_paintings.csv", 
                            na = c("n/a", "", "NA"))


Task 1

Fit a multiple linear regression model with the following main effects: lrgfont, Height_in, Width_in, and relig.

Interpret each of the estimated model coefficients.

Task 2

Fit a multiple linear regression model with main effects for Height_in and lrgfont, as well as their interaction.

What is the model equation for paintings where the dealer devotes an additional paragraph? How about for paintings where the dealer does NOT devote an additional paragraph?


Stage, commit and push

  1. Stage your modified files.
  2. Commit your changes with an informative message.
  3. Push your changes to your GitHub repo.
  4. Verify your files were updated on GitHub.