Statistics 111
Probability and Statistical Inference

Lab assignments

Getting Started

This course uses the Matlab statistical package. You can purchase Matlab for your personal computer or you may use it for free at computer clusters around the university.

Computer Labs

Each week we shall have a computer lab to explore different methods of data analysis.  The links below go to each lab.

Advice for being efficient in labs:  

The first time you use a generic data analysis tool (e.g., a histogram or regression), the lab instructions will include the relevant Matlab commands for using that tool.  Subsequent labs will use data analysis tools from previous labs, but instructions will not be repeated.  I recommend that you maintain a list of Matlab commands for each analysis, adding to it after each lab that you complete.  That way, you have a handy reference sheet available, which will save you time when doing the labs or projects for other classes.


Lab Week

                                       Topic Covered

Aug. 31

An Introduction to Matlab

Sept. 7


Sept. 14

Binomial Distribution

Sept. 21

Probability Plots

Sept. 28

Central Limit Theorem

Oct. 5

No Lab

Oct. 12

Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Oct. 19

Confidence Intervals

Oct. 26

Hypothesis Tests

Nov. 2

Jurors and Appearance

Nov. 7


Nov. 16

Bayesian Methods

Nov. 30

Bikeshare Data

April 17

Bike-Share Programs