A Guide to Statistics Outside of Duke

Statistics Organizations

Like most disciplines, several organizations exist to inform and coordinate the statistical community.  The web sites of these organizations are usually filled with information on careers in statistics, upcoming statistical meetings and conferences, statistical journals, and links to statistical sites on the web.   Here are links to a few of these organizations:

Statistics in Government

Government needs accurate data on the U.S. to function well, and many federal statistical agencies exist to meet this demand.  Most of these agencies have web sites with lots of neat stuff.  Here are links to a few federal statistical agencies:

Statistics Consultancy

Several statistical consulting groups maintain interesting web sites.  The groups often consult on large federal surveys and post links to reports of their studies.  Check out the  National Institute of Statistical Sciences in Research Triangle Park and the RAND Statistics Group in Santa Monica, CA, as examples.

Higher Degrees in Statistics

If you are interested in obtaining a higher degree in statistics, you may pursue either a master's degree or a Ph.D. For Ph.D. degrees, strategize with Professor Banks.

  • For master's degrees, a curated list of programs is at Masters in Data Science.
  • Click here for a list of statistics departments throughout the world.

  • Statistical Miscellany

    Here are some useful links to the statistical world.  In addition to the links above, these are good starting places for surfing the statistical web.