Current course(s):

  • Sta 323 - Statistical Computing Sp '22
  • Sta 523 - Programming for Statistical Science (R) Fa '21
  • Sta 663 - Statistical Computing and Computation (Python) Sp '22

Previous courses (Duke):

Previous courses (Univ of Edinburgh):



  • ghclass Repo

    Tools for managing classroom and assignment related tasks on GitHub.

  • parsermd CRAN Repo

    Tools for parsing and programmatically interacting with R Markdown documents.

  • md4r Repo

    R wrapper of the md4c markdown parsing library.

  • checklist Repo

    Tools for automating checking of R projects, with a focus on automated feedback via CI tooling like GitHub actions.

  • learnrhash Repo

    Tools for recording student results for questions and exercises in learnr docu- ments.

  • diffmatchpatch CRAN Repo

    A wrapper for Google's 'diff-match-patch' library. It provides basic tools for computing diffs, finding fuzzy matches, and constructing / applying patches to strings.

  • livecode Repo

    Library for broadcasting source files during live codeing sessions.

  • rgeos CRAN Repo

    R interface to the Geometry Engine, Open Source (GEOS) library.

  • RcppGP Repo

    Tools for efficiently working with Gaussian Processes in R / C++.


  • parsermd - parsing R Markdown for fun and profit

    January 2021, RStudio Global 2021 Recording

  • Teaching computing using git and GitHub

    September 2020, Teaching and Learning of Mathematical and Statistical Computing Online 2020 Slides

  • Computation Infrastructure for Teaching Bayesian Modeling (Invited)

    August 2020, JSM 2020 Slides

  • Teaching Statistics and Data Science Online

    July 2020, Online Workshop Materials

  • livecode: broadcast your live coding sessions from and to RStudio

    January 2020, RStudio Conf 2020 Slides

  • ghclass: an R package for managing classes with GitHub

    August 2019, JSM 2019 Slides

  • Reproducible Computing (Workshop)

    August 2019, JSM 2019 Materials

  • ghclass: an R package for managing classes with GitHub

    July 2019, UseR! 2019 Slides

  • Using Rocker containers and CI for teaching R-based courses (Invited)

    May 2019, SDSS 2019 Slides

  • Teaching Data Science, Reproducibly (Workshop)

    July 2018, ICOTS 2018 Site Repo

  • Reproducible Computing (Workshop)

    June 2018, ISBA 2018 Repo

  • Moving Away from Ad Hoc Statistical Computing Education (Invited)

    August 2017, JSM 2017 Slides

  • Data Carpentry: Open and Reproducible Research with R (Tutorial)

    July 2017, UseR! 2017 Site Repo

  • Statistical Computing as an Introduction to Data Science (Invited)

    August 2016, JSM 2016 Slides

  • Continuous Integration and Teaching Statistical Computing with R

    July 2016, UseR! 2016 Slides

  • Teaching statistical computing leveraging the github ecosystem

    August 2015, JSM 2015 Slides

  • Teaching R using the github ecosystem

    July 2015, UseR! 2015 Slides

  • A Data Fusion Approach for Space-Time Analysis of Speciated PM$_{2.5}$

    August 2014, JSM 2014 Slides

  • Geospatial data and the R ecosystem

    April 2014, Duke SSRI DABSS Seminar Slides

  • Using GPUs to improve the computational efficiency of Gaussian process models

    February 2014, Duke Dept. of Statistical Science Seminar Slides

  • GPUs, linear algebra, and efficient computing for Gaussian process models

    August 2013, JSM 2013 Slides

  • Leveraging GPU libraries for efficient computation of Gaussian process models in R

    July 2013, UseR! 2013 Slides

  • Leveraging GPU Libraries for Efficient Computation of Bayesian Spatial Assignment Models in R

    August 2012, JSM 2012 Slides

  • rgeos: spatial geometry predicates and topology operations in R

    July 2012, UseR! 2012 Slides

  • Spatial Models for Bird Origin Assignment Using Genetic and Isotopic Data

    August 2011, JSM 2011 Slides