Date Topic Reading Notes
Mon, Aug 25 Introduction Codeschool - Try R
Wed, Aug 27 Using the Shell [Slides]
Fri, Aug 29 Using and Configuring ssh [Slides]
Mon, Sep 1 Using git and github [Slides] Git tutotials Git Cheat Sheet
Wed, Sep 3 R data structures [Slides] Adv-R Data Structures R Markdown Cheatsheet
Fri, Sep 5 R data structures cont. stringr Homework 1,
Matching Example
Mon, Sep 8 Subsetting [Slides] Adv-R Subsetting
Wed, Sep 10 Functions and Loops [Slides] Adv-R Functions
Mon, Sep 15 Apply functions and Benchmarking [Slides] Adv-R Functionals
Wed, Sep 17 Introduction to make minimal make, Why use make Make example repo
Mon, Sep 22 Web Scraping Homework 2,
Starbucks example repo
Wed, Sep 24 Web Scraping cont. rvest, SelectorGadget
Mon, Sep 29 Spatial Data Types [Slides] Country GeoJSON
Wed, Oct 1 Shapefiles and rgeos [Slides] Shapefiles
Dimensionally Extended 9-Intersection Model
HW2 Makefile Example
Mon, Oct 6 Bigish data [Slides] Homework 3
Wed, Oct 8 dplyr [Slides] Vignettes
Wed, Oct 15 Vectorization and Joins [Slides] hw3_merge_ex.R
Mon, Oct 20 dplyr and SQL [Slides] dplyr database vignette How Indexes Work,
SQL Intro
Wed, Oct 22 SVM Example HW3 Leader Board, School District Example (SVM)
Mon, Oct 27 Graphs and Page Rank HW4, Final Project,
Page Rank Example
Wed, Oct 29 Testing using testthat
and Travis-CI
testthat article
R Packages - testing chapter
Mon, Nov 3 A brief tour of R
package structure
Writing R Extensions
R Packages
Wed, Nov 5 Recursion has_loop example
Mon, Nov 10 Parallelization [Slides] parallel, doMC and foreach HW5
Wed, Nov 12 MapReduce MapReduce example
Mon, Nov 17 BLAS and LAPACK [Slides] parallel, doMC and foreach Matrix Multiply examples
Wed, Nov 19 Rcpp [Slides]
Mon, Nov 24 HTCondor [Slides] Condor