Date Topic Reading Notes
Mon, Aug 24 Introduction [Slides] Codeschool - Try R
Wed, Aug 26 Using ssh and the shell [Slides] Code Academy - Learn the command line
Fri, Aug 28 Using git and github [Slides] Centralized git workflow, Try github
Mon, Aug 31 Control flow in R [Slides] R style guides - Google & Hadley Homework 0 - due Sat 9/5 by 2 pm
Wed, Sep 2 TA Lecture - Michael Lindon [Slides]
Mon, Sep 7 Pull Requests Pull Requests on Github Screencasts - Pull Requests, Issues
Wed, Sep 9 R data structures [Slides] Adv-R Data Structures
Fri, Sep 11 R data structures cont. Homework 1 - due Sat 9/26 by 2 pm
Mon, Sep 14 Subsetting [Slides] Adv-R Subsetting
Wed, Sep 16 Unit tests using testthat [Slides] testthat - article, R Pkgs Testing
Mon, Sep 21 Apply functions and Benchmarking [Slides] Adv-R Functionals
Wed, Sep 23 Vectorization & Recursion [Slides]
Mon, Sep 28 Web Scraping [Slides] rvest and Selectorgadget Homework 2 - due Wed 10/14 by 12 am
Wed, Sep 30 Web Scraping (cont.) Screencast - Scraping APIs, Code
Fri, Oct 2 Introduction to make [Slides] minimal make, Why use make Screencast - HW2 Makefile
Mon, Oct 5 Regular expressions and stringr [Slides] RegEx Cheat Sheet and stringr Testing RegExs
Wed, Oct 7 Putting it together Screencast - Scraping IMDB
Tue, Oct 13 Bigish data [Slides] Homework 3 - due Sat 10/31 by 2 pm
Screencast - dplyr
Fri, Oct 16 Spatial Data in R [Slides] Country GeoJSON
Mon, Oct 19 GIS in R [Slides] Data Wrangling Cheat Sheet Screencasts - intersections, pluto
Wed, Oct 21 dplyr and SQL [Slides] dplyr database vignette How Indexes Work, SQL Intro
Mon, Oct 26 Rasters and Boundaries raster vignette Screencast - rasters and boundaries
Wed, Oct 28 SQL and RSQLite [Slides] HW3 Scoreboard
Mon, Nov 2 Approximate Bayesian Computation Homework 4 - due Sat 11/14 by 2 pm
Wed, Nov 4 Shiny Shiny Documentation Screencast - Jelly Bean app
Mon, Nov 9 Parallelization [Slides] parallel, doMC and foreach
Mon, Nov 9 Parallelization [Slides] parallel, doMC and foreach
Wed, Nov 11 Profiling Adv. R, Profvis Screencast - Profiling
Mon, Nov 16 MapReduce MapReduce example
Wed, Nov 18 Rhipe & Hadoop Rhipe tutorial Homework 5 - due Sat 12/05 Mon 12/07 by 2 pm
Screencast - Rhipe
Fri, Nov 20 Spark SparkR Screencast - SparkR
Sat, Dec 5 Final Exam Out
Sat, Dec 12 Final Exam Due by 10 pm