Date Topics & Readings Note
No meeting (Biosystems Modeling Workshop at the Radisson)
3-12-2007 In the Granular Materials working group, we encountered and interesting methodological challenge requiring an Stochastic Process to model  rare events (in this case, large volcano eruptions). Also, the data available is very challenging (with missing data, data that consists only on  bounds, and data which is the sum of an unknown number of eruptions). Robert Wolpert and Simon Lunagomez have been working on this problem. Simon will be presenting  their recent results. His slides are here.

For three months, David M. Steinberg  (Department of Statistics and Operations Research, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University) will be visiting SAMSI. As you know, he is an expert in designs for computer experiments, and he has agreed to give a presentation to our group. Here is the slide he is going to present.

We meet at  the usual time. David M. Steinberg  (U. Tel Aviv) will speak again on ``GASP Models and Bayesian Regression'' . His slides are here.