Date Topics & Readings Note
We discuss the "SAMSI/MUCM Mid-Program Workshop" on April 2-3. The idea with this workshop is to get an update of the progress of people in the different on-going projects, so it is a very 'internal' workshop.

Also, Jim Crooks presented a problem encountered by the Terrestrial working group, namely, interpolating (emulating) non-Gaussian distributions. This is the motivating slide. An issue to be answered is whether quantile regression could be a possible solution. In this regard, Peter Riechert provided some suggestions for future readings: a summary, an introduction, and an R implementation. Please have a look before next meeting (January 22).

1-15-2007  No meeting.  Martin Lurther King's day.
Jim Crooks discussed the quantile regression, and the problem he encountered with in his project.

We will continue to address the issue of developing emulators for outputs that are densities, not  necessarily normal (Jim Crooks); also Cari Kauffman will discuss a method for constructing emulators when the dataset is too large to carry out the usual Gasp calculations, using compactly supported covariance functions. Here is the smart board note during the meeting. Cari's note on using Covariance Tapering method to build efficient emulators for computer experiments is available here.

More references are provided in the section of suggested readings.