STA 790 (Special Topics): Bayesian Causal Inference

Fall 2022

Department of Statistical Science, Duke University

  • Meeting times and location Tuesday and Thursday 12noon - 1:15pm, 8/30/2022-9/22/2022, Old Chem 025
  • Instructor Fan Li, Professor, Statistical Science, Email:
  • Office hours: Friday 2:30-3:30pm. Old Chem 122. Additional time is available by appointment.
  • Evaluation No formal homework, but I strongly encourage the students to implement some of the methods discussed in class
  • Statement (1) The material presented in the lecture notes reflect my own view and knowledge of the field of causal inference, which is by no means complete. All mistakes are mine. (2) If you use part of the material posted here for teaching or lecturing, please give proper acknowledgement. (3) The lecture notes will be periodically updated to reflect the trend of the field.
  • Acknowledgements I am grateful to Peng Ding, Fabrizia Mealli, Constantine Frangakis, Joey Antonelli and Georgia Papadogeorgou for sharing valuable ideas and material.
  • Lecture Notes