Statistics 101
Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

Instructions for Midterm Exam 1

Relevant Topics

This exam focuses on topics covered in lecture through and including October 7. These topics include:


The exam is in class on Thursday, October 9.

Write all answers on the exam paper.  Answer all questions concisely and clearly.  Pay attention to instructions that limit the number of sentences you should write when answering.  Extra verbiage may be not be read or may be penalized.

For the exam, you are allowed to use one sheet of 8 by 11 paper filled with any information you want to put on them.  Both sides of the sheet can be used.  You are not permitted to use any other material for the exams, except for a sheet with probabilities from the normal curve.

Bring a calculator to the exam.  Bring your table of normal probabilities.

Suggestions for Studying

Useful ways to study for these exams include reviewing the extra problems and text problems, and doing the practice problems linked below.

Practice Problems for Midterm 1                      Answers to Practice Problems