Statistics 122/290: Bayesian and Modern Data Analysis

Computing Resources


Resources for R:

R Project Site: The R Project's homepage with Documentation, Downloading R, FAQs, more (subset given below)

An Introduction to R (updated version of the Intro notes)

R introductions identified by Duke StatSci grad students (scroll to bottom of linked page)


Resources for BUGS:

Resources for Emacs:

ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics) provides a common, generic and useful interface to many statistical packages through Emacs. It currently has interfaces to S, R, XLisp-Stat, and SAS, with other statistical languages such as Stata, SPSS, and Fiasco slated for implementations in the future.

ESS Reference Card (pdf)

Running R/S-Plus with ESS locally

Emacs Quick Reference Card

Emacs Quick Tutorial

Gnu Emacs Site and XEmacs Site

Getting Started with LaTeX and Sweave

Simple LaTeX Introduction ( pdf , LaTeX source),

Including Graphs in LaTeX (adding-graphics.tex,, geyser-plot.pdf)

Charlie Geyer's website for using Sweave

AucTeX (emacs mode for editing LaTeX) refcard (pdf)

Other Useful Software (Ghostview, Acroread, Emacs, etc)

December 27, 2010