This is my family and me 2 years ago.
And here's the other part of the family...Teddy!!! He's 10 months old in this shot.
I thought this was a nice "mother-daughter" Kodak moment in our backyard in FL--taken on March 9, 2002:)!
And a sweet "father-daughter" Kodak moment at Jacksonville University on Dec. 15, 2001:)!
But of course I can't forget a "sisters" pose! This was taken in December of 2001!
Here's one of my dearest friends, Mekka, and her lovely family: Hugh, Sam, and Salima.
Here are who Teddy calls "aunt" Jingshu (my dear encourager) and "uncle" Liang (Jingshu's husband) infront of Duke's magnificent chapel.
Here's Mekka and me in FL on Dec. 18, 2001.
Here's Mekka's daughter, Salima, and me in FL in April, 2003.
Here's Mekka and me in April, 2003.
Jingshu, Teddy, and me enjoying a pleasant Spring evening outside.
This is my friend and her husband, Ozlem and David Ergisi. They were wed on April 9, 2000. Ozlem and I have known each other for almost 10 years!
Here's Ozlem and me in FL on Dec. 20, 2001.
This shot was taken at my old high school in FL on December 17, 2001. Dr. Kalna is my favorite teacher from high school, and he continues to teach computer programming and applications today! He's my mentor, friend, and second dad.
Here's a shot of my grandad, sister, and me in Reidsville, NC!
Florence and I have been friends since our freshman year together at JU.
Now here's my favorite family...well, at least the kid-part of the family. From left: Caitlyn, Michael, Shannon, and Christopher. I've been babysitting them for years and years to the point where they're like my own family. By the way, this was at Halloween, so Caitlyn doesn't REALLY look like one of the Adams' Family members;)!
This is my first roommate, Henrike (she's from Germany), my precious Teddy at 3 months old, and myself in Durham's record snowfall! It was fun while it lasted...can you believe a Floridian's saying this;)!
Here's Kristy and me at my college graduation in 1999. We had a record cold temperature that day in May! What happened to the warm, sunshine state;)! Kristy is now at Pharmacy school in UF.
I've known Cathie for about 5 years--and she was wed to Jamie in April of 2001!
Here's a friend from high school that I still keep in touch with, Smitha, and her husband, Joe, on their wedding day in 2003!
Here's the Statistics group on a bowling adventure in May of 2000. Statisticians DO know how to have fun, too, you know:)!
This is half of my Biostatistics class at Duke from Summer of 2001!
...And this is the other half of the class;)!
This is my first class I have taught at Duke--from the first summer session of 2000. It's STA 110A: Statistics and Data Analysis, and boy did we have fun...well, I did and I hope they did too:)!
These are some kids I've known for 9 years...well, except the youngest one up front who's only 5 years old! My sister, Karen, is also enjoying Daytona Beach with us here! for some scenic pictures!!! Here is one of my favorite spots in Jacksonville, FL. It's at Ft. Caroline and it's nothing fancy...just a million dollar view!!!
And speaking of million dollar's the view from our vacation spot in Daytona Beach, FL! Aren't sunrises and sunsets the greatest:)!
Here's another picture from FL, but this time it's Daytona Beach, another one of my favorite spots. My family and I have been going there every year for vacation for 20 years, so it's almost like a second home to me.
...And another view of Daytona Beach!
This is the Potomac River at Great Falls Park in Maryland.
Now I want to show you scenes from Duke (or very near-by) throughout the various seasons...the first one is of the Duke Gardens in the prime of Spring. Tulips are some of my favorite flowers:)!
And now we'll move on to summer and the scenic drive through campus...
And what about those Autumn leaves...
And finally, a winter wonderland here on the main quad of campus...
Finally, this is me at night;)...
Want to see some colorful mountain pictures from October, 2001?
Here are some shots of Florida in winter.