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  1. Sta 199 - Intro to Data Science

    Sta 199 - Intro to Data Science

  2. Duke Statistical Education Summit 2017

    Duke Statistical Education Summit 2017

  3. ASA Section on Statistical Education Chair-Elect

    ASA 2017 election results for Section on Statistical Education

  4. Waller Education Award

    ASA 2016 Waller Education Award

  5. Statistics with R

    New Specialization on Coursera

  6. AMSTAT News interview

    Teaching Intro Stats Students to Think with Data

  7. Best Paper Award - JSM 2015

    Section on Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences

  8. Art in the data science course

    What Affordable Art Can Tell Us About Taste

  9. I'm a Project TIER Fellow!

    Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research

  10. Got Data? 200+ Crunch Numbers for Duke DataFest

    More on DataFest on the Duke Research blog

  11. Duke Wraps Fourth Annual DataFest Stats Competition

    More on DataFest on Campus Technology

  12. A Passion for Stats and the Beauty of Bayes: A Duke Professor on Teaching Online

    My Class Central interview about my MOOC

  13. DataFest draws hundreds to solve stats challenges

    ASA DataFest 2015 coverage on The Chronicle

  14. Celebrate pi day with Analytics Forward

    Research Triangle Analysts is hosting an unconfenrence by and for analytics professionals

  15. There and back again: Data Analysis and Statistical Inference MOOC comes back to Duke

    Duke CIT blog post on how my MOOC material is being used (by me and others) in various forms.

  16. Buy Only What You Need: New Continuing Ed Venture Offers A La Carte Course Pricing

    Duke Today article on the continuing education course I'm developing.

  17. Data Expedition - Exploring, Modeling, Predicting, Understanding Paintings in Paris

    I'm giving a talk at the MA+S Rendezvous on Thursday, Jan 22, 2015, at 4:30pm at Smith Bay 10.

  18. Bass Connections - Coursera and the future of MOOCs

    I'm giving a talk on our Bass Connections research group on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015, at 6pm at The Edge.

  19. See You / See Me - An Interactive Real-Time Online Course

    I gave a talk at the 2014 CIT Showcase on my summer online course.

  20. David and Janet Vaughn Brooks Teaching Award!

    I am the recipient of the 2014 David and Janet Vaughn Brooks Award for excellence in teaching!

  21. Students in Duke’s Data Analysis and Statistical Inference MOOC

    Find out what's going on in the MOOC

  22. To Teach Scientific Reproducibility, Start Young

    Duke Today's coverage of my recently published paper on teaching data analysis through the lens of reproducibility.

  23. Classroom Response Systems at Duke

    I gave a talk at the 2013 CIT Showcase on how I use clickers in my courses.

  24. CIT Team-Based Learning Course Design Fellowship Wrap Up

    The TBL fellowship is wrapping up...

  25. 2012 Team-Based Learning Course Design Fellowship

    I'm a TBL Course Design Fellow!

  26. Teaching statistics with Peer Instruction and open-source resources

    CIT published a blog post on how I use peer instruction and open-source resources in my Sta 101: Data Analysis and St...