ISBA 2000: Poster Sessions


    1. The use of Bayes' factors for flood protection policy
      E.H. Chbab,
      (with J.M. van Noortwijk, M.T. Duits, and P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder)
    2. On goodness of fit for time series models
      Cathy W S Chen, Taiwan,
    3. Simplifying Bayesian networks: An approximation algorithm
      Maria de Orio, Duke University,
      (with M Lavine)
    4. Satisfying comonotonic book-making with non-additive probabilities
      Enrico Diecidue, Tilburg University,
      (with Peter Wakker)
    5. Comparisons of methods for constructing Bayesian trees
      Blaise Egan, Goldsmiths College,
      (with L Pettit)
    6. An algorithm to sample QTLs in complex pedigrees
      Soledad Fernandez, Iowa State University,
      (with Alicia Carriquiry and Rohan Fernando)
    7. Multiresolution autoregressions and Markov random fields
      Marco Ferreira, Duke University,
      (with Herbie Lee, David Higdon and Mike West)
    8. Bayesian mixture modeling with an unknown number of components
      Rainer Fischer, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik,
    9. Stochastic optimisation for cost-effective Bayesian quality assessment in health
      Dimitris Fouskakis, University of Bath,
      (with David Draper)
    10. Bayesian semi-parametric modelling for improved "league-table" quality monitoring in health and education
      Mark Gittoes, University of Bath,
      (with David Draper)
    11. Local approaches to Bayesian model building
      James Griffin, NCR Knowledge Lab.,
      (with Clive Hoggart)
    12. Applying Bayesian methodology to the single period inventory model
      Ulku Gurler, Bilkent University,
    13. Multivariate autoregressions and decompositions with model order uncertainty
      Gabriel Huerta, CIMAT, Mexico,
      (with Raquel Prado)
    14. Criteria for some multivariate tests of homogeneity with applications in multisample clustering
      Helena Jelenkowska, University of Agriculture Poland,
    15. A non-parametric method for long-term forecasting of interest rates
      Vladimir Ladyzhets, Ernst & Young,
    16. Optimal problems in credibility
      Zinoviy Landsman, University of Haifa,
      (with U. Makov)
    17. Bayesian decision-making in inventory modelling
      Richard Levine, University of California at Davis,
      (with Emre Berk)
    18. Multidimensional item response model: A Bayesian approach
      Michalis Linardakis, Athens University of Economics and Business,
      (with P. Dellaportas)
    19. Bayesian analysis of multivariate futures in commodity markets
      Viridiana Lourdes, Duke University,
      (with Mike West and James Smith)
    20. Estimating heritability of twin data by incorporating historical information: Variance components approach
      Amita K Manatunga, Emory University,
      (with Ming-Hui Chen and Chris Williams)
    21. Bayesian dynamic modelling of stock-recruitment relationships
      Renate Meyer, University of Auckland,
    22. Delaying rejection in reversible jump Metropolis-Hastings
      Antonietta Mira, University of Pavia,
      (with P.J. Green and L. Tierney)
    23. New criteria for outlier identification
      J. Morales, Universidad Miguel Hernàndez,
      (with M.J. Bayarri)
    24. Bayesian inference on regional processes of infants and child undernoutrition and mortality in Africa
      Kandala Ngianga-Bakwin, University of Munich,
    25. Goodness-of-fit based on measures of surprise
      M.E. Castellanos Nueda, Universidad Miguel Hernàndez,
      (with M.J. Bayarri)
    26. Randomized Polya trees
      Susan Paddock, RAND Corp.,
      (with Fabrizio Ruggeri, Michael Lavine and Mike West)
    27. Bayesian inference using MCMC for diffusion models where the volatility is a shot-noise stochastic process
      Omiros Papaspiliopoulos, University of Lancaster,
      (with Gareth Roberts)
    28. Classical and Bayesian methods in meta-analysis
      George Petrakos, Liaison, Greece,
    29. Geostatistical modelling for spatial interaction data
      Wolfgang Polasek, University of Basel,
      (with A. Gelfand and S. Banejeree)
    30. Analysis and classification of ECG signals via hierarchical mixture priors on wavelet based models
      Raquel Prado, Universidad Simón Bolívar,
      (with Irene Garcia and Pedro Gomis)
    31. Bayesian estimation of joint survival functions in life insurance
      Arkady Shemyakin, University of St.Thomas,
      (with H Youn)
    32. Using Bayesian analysis to estimate turkey hunter success rates spatially
      Steven L Sheriff, Missouri Department of Conservation,
      (with D Sun, Z He and R Woodard )
    33. Modelling longitudinal PSA levels and prostate cancer
      Steven J Skates, Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School,
      (with Donna Paula, Anthony Zietman and Dianne Finkelstein)
    34. Bayesian analysis of nonhomogeneous Markov chains
      Refik Soyer, George Washington University,
      (with Minje Sung)
    35. Predicting transaction behaviour using sequence alignment and local regression
      Francesco Vivarelli, NCR Knowledge Lab.,
    36. Bayesian approach in pharmacokinetics models
      Patricia K. Ziegelmann, University of Kent at Canterbury,
      (with Phil Brown)


    1. Robust Bayesian decision theory applied in medicine
      Christophe Abraham, ENSAM INRA,
    2. A Bayesian approach for accelerated life tests using length-biased inverse Gaussian distribution
      Olcay Akman, Coastal Carolina University,
      (with Prashant Sansgiry)
    3. A particle filter approach to non-stationary phases, frequencies and amplitudes of harmonic processes
      Christophe Andrieu, University of Cambridge,
      (with A. Doucet)
    4. Bayesian methods in spectral analysis of dynamic PET neuroreceptor ligand studies
      John Aston, McGill University,
    5. Application of state-space models and Monte Carlo methods for analyzing longitudinal data from patients on anticoagulant therapy
      Jorn Attermann, University of Aarhus,
      (with N.T. Andersen, J.M. Hasenkam, S. Lundbye-Christensen and H.F. Thomsen)
    6. Minimax estimation of a bounded parameter for LINEX loss function
      Agata Boratynska, University of Warsaw,
    7. Dynamic evaluation of liver transplantation programs in France
      Y Chalem, Etablissement Francais des Greffes,
      (with J L Golmard)
    8. Probabilistic inversion for obtaining priors: Applications from recent risk analyses
      Roger Cooke, Delft University of Technology,
      (with B. Kraan and J. van Noortwijk)
    9. Sequential Monte Carlo filters for parameter estimation under model uncertainty
      Petar Djuric, State University of New York at Stony Brook,
    10. Quantifying expert opinion in the UK water industry: an experimental study
      Paul Garthwaite, Aberdeen University,
    11. Embedding Bayesian tools in commercial software: Computer demos
      John Geweke, University of Iowa,
      (with William McCausland)
    12. Bayesian analysis of nest survival rates
      Zhuoqiong (Chong) He, University of Missouri,
      (with D Sun and Y Tra)
    13. Cretan immortals: Bayesian survival analysis of long-term survivors using BUGS software
      Daphne Kounali, University of Manchester,
      (with Anthony Robinson)
    14. Bayesian modelling and computation for dependent non-Gaussian processes with application in wavelet analysis of texture images
      Jane Liu, CDC Investment Management Corp. and Duke University,,
    15. Meta-analysis for longitudinal data models using multivariate mixture priors
      Hedibert Freitas Lopes, IM-UFRJ and Duke University,
      (with Peter Mueller and Gary Rosner)
    16. An application of binomial state-space model to a study of the occurrence of respiratory diseases in Danish diary calves
      Soren Lundbye-Christensen, Aalborg University,
      (with Rodrigo Labouriau)
    17. Predictive mortality graduation and the value at risk
      Manuel Mendoza, ITAM, Mexico,
      (with A.M. Madrigal and E. Gutierrez-Peña)
    18. Likelihood and Bayesian methods in mixed effects logistic models, with application to the evaluation of liver transplantation programs in France
      F Mesnil, Etablissement Francais des Greffes,
      (with J L Golmard)
    19. Measuring value-relevance in stock prices, earnings and cash flows using the Gibbs sampler
      Chung-ki Min, Hong Kong Polytechnic University,,
      (with J.B. Kim and C.H. Yi)
    20. Competing risks in human cognition: A tail of two densities
      Carlos Morales, Boston University,
      (with Mark E. Glickman)
    21. Multiresolution Bayesian approaches to inverse problems
      Robert Nowak, Rice University,
    22. Behavior of the posterior in regression with autoregressive errors
      J Lynn Palmer, MD Anderson Cancer Center,
      (with Dennis Cox, Joaquin Diaz and Isabel Llatas)
    23. Constructing nonparametric priors by mixtures
      Sonia Petrone,
    24. Objective intrinsic Bayes factors for linear models with uncorrelated errors
      Abel Rodriguez, Universidad Simón Bolívar,
    25. Optimizing budget assessment for R&D activities. The experience of the Argentine agency for development of science and technology
      A. Russo, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes,
      (with M.L. Russo)
    26. Optimizing sequential processes in bread making using MCMC
      M.L. Russo, P. Martinez, A. Russo and R. Grau, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
    27. Simulation and monitoring of project cash flow as MCMC
      A. Russo, M.L. Russo and P. Pascual, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
    28. Combining stochastic and dynamic downscaling using a Bayesian approach
      Bruno Sansó, Universidad Simón Bolívar,
      (with Lelys Guenni)
    29. Evaluating expected information in structural auction, job search and Roy selection models
      Samita Sareen, University of Toronto,
    30. Efficiency estimation of U.S. commercial banking: A stochastic frontier approach using Gibbs sampling
      James Sfiridis, Central Connecticut State University,
      (with Kenneth Daniels)
    31. Bayesian estimation of the variation in time of the weight of the risk factors of the CML after bone marrow transplantation
      M L Tanguy, Societe Francaise des Greffes de Moelle,
      (with J L Golmard, M Michallet and J P Vernant)
    32. Bayesian portfolio selection in stochastic volatility models
      Kadir Tanyeri, George Washington University,
      (with Refik Soyer)
    33. Binary regression using Fisher's z Link
      Florin Vaida, Harvard School of Public Health,
      (with Xiao-Li Meng)
    34. Spatial and spectral analysis in high energy astrophysics
      David van Dyk, Harvard University,
      (with A. Connors, V.L. Kashyap and A. Siemiginowska)
    35. Bayesian inference on gradual switching GARCH models: Gibbs sampling approach
      Hajime Wago, Niigata University,
    36. Generalized non-parametric mixed effects model
      Yuedong Wang, University of California at Santa Barbara,
      (with Peter Karcher)


    1. Analysis of incomplete high-dimensional multivariate normal data using a common factor model
      Thomas Belin, UCLA,
      (with Juwon Song)
    2. Bayesian analysis of the calibration problem under elliptical distributions
      H. Bolfarine, Universiade de Sao Paulo,
      (with M. Branco)
    3. Bayesian semiparametric and noparametric modelling approaches for cytogenetic dosimetry
      Marcia Branco, Universidade de Sao Paulo,
      (with Alan Gelfand and Athanasios Kottas)
    4. Estimation and model selection in asset pricing models
      David Chan, University of New South Wales, David.Chan@cmis.CSIRO.AU
      (with Robert Kohn)
    5. Bayesian sequential designs supported on credible regions
      Enrique Gonzalez Davila, Universidad de La Laguna,
      (with J. Ginebra)
    6. Modelling high monthly wind gusts in Cape Town area: A multivariate extreme value model with regression
      D.J. de Waal, University of the Orange Free State,
    7. Bayesian process control charts
      Chikobvu Delson, University of the Orange Free State,
    8. Image restoration using Kalman filter techniques
      Claus Dethlefsen, Aalborg University,
    9. MLwiN: Hierarchical/multilevel modelling software
      David Draper, University of Bath,
      (with Bill Browne)
    10. Parametric and semi-parametric Bayesian models for accelerated life test
      Alaattin Erkanli, Duke University,
      (with Refik Soyer and Jason Merrick)
    11. The Bayesian marginal likelihood in the diffuse Kalman Filter and the general linear model with noninformative priors
      Marc K. Francke, Free University of Amsterdam,
      (with Aart F. de Vos)
    12. On multivariate stochastic volatility models
      Stefanos Giakoumatos, Athens University of Economics and Business,
      (with P. Dellaportas and D.N. Politis)
    13. The deductive phase of statistical inference via predictive simulations: A food industry case study
      Philippe P. Girard, Laboratoire GRESE/ENGREF,
      (with Eric Parent)
    14. The estimation of switchpoints in multi-path linear regression
      Piet Groenewald, Univesity of the Free State SA,
    15. Chromosome dosimetry after accidental exposure to radiation
      Peter Groer, University of Tennessee,
    16. Bayesian methods for claims reserving
      A. Hazan, University of Haifa,
      (with U. Makov)
    17. Bayesian and entropy methods in a model of US crop supply
      Jonathan Kaplan, University of California-Davis,
    18. Bayesian analysis of Social Security's disability determination process: Estimation of a nested logit model by MCMC
      Kajal Lahiri, SUNY Albany,
      (with J. Gao, J. Hu and B. Wixon)
    19. A challenge for statistical instructors: Teaching Bayesian inference without discarding the "official" significance tests
      Bruno LeCoutre, CNRS et Universite de Rouen,
      (with Jean-Marie Grouin and Marie-Paule Lecoutre)
    20. A Bayesian approach to uncertainty analysis and model calibration in atmospheric pollution models
      John D. McClure, University of Glasgow,
    21. A Bayesian method to analyse cancer survival times using the Weibull model
      P.J. Mostert, University of South Africa,
      (with A. Bekker and J.J.J. Roux)
    22. A Bayesian approach in statistical inferences on horse racing prediction
      Dries M. Naude, University of the Orange Free State,
      (with DJ de Waal)
    23. A Bayesian model to forecast sales and competitive interactions in new product categories: An application to high technology consumer electronics
      Ramya Neelamegham, University of Colorado at Boulder,
      (with Chintagunta Pradeep)
    24. On prior distributions for variable selection
      Ioannis Ntzoufras, Athens University of Economics and Business,
      (with P. Dellaportas and J.J. Forster)
    25. Analysis of elliptical measurement error models with applications to the study of air pollution
      Wilfredo Palma, Catholic University of Chile,
      (with R. Arellano-Valle and P. Iglesias)
    26. Improving on the MLE of a bounded normal mean
      Francois Perron, University of Montreal,
      (with Eric Marchand)
    27. Bayesian density estimation and inference using the mixed linear model and the Dirichlet process prior
      Albertus L. Pretorius, University of the Orange Freestate,
      (with Abrie J. van der Merwe)
    28. Bayesian network modeling of atmospheric nitrogen deposition at watershed scale
      Peter Principe, EPA,
    29. Nonparametric Bayesian clustering and product partition models
      Fernando Quintana, Catholic University Chile,
      (with Pilar Iglesias and Michael Newton)
    30. Hierarchical Bayesian analysis for the number of species
      Josemar Rodrigues,
    31. Calculating Bayes factors for variance component testing in generalized linear mixed models
      Sandip Sinharay, Iowa State University,
      (with Hal Stern)
    32. Technical trading rules: An empirical investigation in Athens stock exchange
      Zontos Sotiris, Technical University of Crete,
      (with Christos Skiadas, Yiannis Valvis and Yiannis Kasotakis)
    33. Empirical Bayes modelling and computations in final offer arbitration
      Tim Swartz, Simon Fraser University,
    34. Bayesian method of moments for the mixed linear model
      Abrie J. van der Merwe, University of the Orange Freestate,
      (with Albertus L. Pretorius)
    35. Multivariate combination ARCH model: A new approach
      Ioannis Vrontos, Athens University of Economics and Business,
      (with P. Dellaportas and D.N. Politis)
    36. Stopping rules in auditing and tax inspection: An empirical Bayesian approach
      F. Jan Wille, Free University of Amsterdam,
      (with Aart F. de Vos)
    37. Methods of estimating marginal likelihoods and an application in time series diagnostics
      Karen Young, University of Surrey,
      (with Lawrence Pettit)