The International Workshop on Statistical Mixture Modelling recognised the recent growth in the theory and applications of statistical methods based on mixtures of distributions. The high level of recent and current research activity reflects the growing appreciation of the key roles played by mixture models in many complex modelling and inference problems, and is driven, in part, by advances in computational statistical technology. The meeting provided a forum for reviewing and publicising widely dispersed research activities in mixture modelling, stimulating fertilisation of theoretical, methodological and computational research directions for the near future, and focused attention on the wide variety of significant applied problems in complex stochastic systems that are inherently structered in mixture terms. The workshop brought together senior researchers, new researchers and students from various backgrounds to promote exchange and interactions on the frontiers of statistical mixture modelling and highlighted the development of statistical technology across these fields. The meeting was co-sponsored by French agencies CNRS, ADRES and INRIA, the universities of Rouen and Grenoble, the Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences at Duke University, USA, and by the US National Science Foundation.

Abstracts and Links to most workshop papers and many related articles on mixtures

Organising Committee:

Gilles Celeux, Inria, Grenoble,
Christian Robert, Université de Rouen,
Kathryn Roeder, Carnegie Mellon University,
Mike West, ISDS, Duke University,

Un Souvenir d'Aussois

We set out for Paris, on a plane,
Then by rail, to Chambery and Mondane,
To meet friends, at Aussois,
Up a hill (and in a bar),
To talk mixtures, again, ..., and again.

And we planned a nice walk, up a lane,
To the mountain, and some fine terrain,
But the hike was deferred,
When asked, we preferred,
To wait for the sun, ..., but in vain.

But at last, we walked out, ..., in the rain
(though some, in poor spirit, did remain).
Now prepare, time to go,
We're all done here, you know,
But Alas! There is'nt a train!

Mike West, 20/9/95@Aussois