Clustered Dirichlet Process Mixture Modelling

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Downloads: Click on the links below to download the appropriate executable for your system.

The multithreaded versions of the Windows and Linux executables are compressed files, containing a multithreaded version of CDP binary and one or more dynamic libraries, which should be placed in the same directory as one another. The serial versions require only a single executable file.

Note that you may need to change the file permissions in order to make the OS X and Linux binaries executable by issuing the command "chmod a+x cdp" where cdp is the name of your binary.

After downloading, we suggest visiting the Inputs and Examples pages for more information on running the software.

Windows (XP/Vista): 32 bit serial | 32 bit threaded | 64 bit serial | 64 bit threaded

Linux (compiled under Fedora/Redhat): 32 bit serial | 64 bit serial | 64 bit threaded

OS X: 32 bit serial

If we don't have a build for your platform, send an email to dan_at_stat_dot_duke_dot_edu or quanli_at_stat_dot_duke_dot_edu and we'll see what we can do.

CDP code developed by: Dan Merl & Quanli Wang

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