LTM: Bayesian Analysis of Latent Threshold Dynamic Models
Jouchi Nakajima & Mike West

  • Publication: Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 31(2): 151-164, 2013 doi: 10.1080/07350015.2012.747847
  • Original technical report
  • Appendices to the paper. This supplementary document includes technical details of posterior computation via MCMC, further empirical evaluation of MCMC sampling in data analyses reported in the paper, and results of the second application to Japanese macroeconomic data. (Note: The supplement here was updated in December 2013 to correct two minor typos in the original appendix/supplement. The code was updated in one place as a result of one of these typos. We thank Kaoru Irie for pointing these out. The results reported in the original paper were not affected by these typos).
  • Code and data, including the Ox code for the MCMC analysis and both the US and Japanese economic data sets.

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