Introduction to Privacy and Confidentiality

This is a rough schedule for the course and will be updated regularly. Please check this frequently for adjustments. Announcements will be posted here and made in class. It will be up to you to keep up to date on all class announcements and web announcements made for the course. Readings and lab assignments will also be made here as well as homework (readings) and exam postings. As part of your homework grade, your will be asked to scribe the notes from class once per class, and these will be posted online. You should type these in .tex (LaTex format only) and convert to .pdf and include code and plots as necessary. All code should be put in the appendix. Scribing is a form of taking notes. Each of you will scribe once during the course and this will count as part of your final grade. Please use LaTex to prepare scribe notes, and please use the template. Below you will find the completed scribe notes. If you are not familiar with Latex (please see for more information and downloading for your OS). This is a great way to write up reports and display mathematical equations and graphical plots. Josh Jelin and Stefan Khoo have given permission for their scribing template to be used by anyone in the course. Check out Josh and Stefan's Scribe template

Please use the homework template to submit homework's (compile to pdf format. If you have not used Latex before, you may find \url{} helpful for getting started.

The scribe notes will be due to and myself (via email) one week after the lecture (by 8:00 am (Paris time) that day).


Final Project Guidelines

  1. Lecture 1: Introduction to Privacy and Confidentiality
    (Tuesday November 17)
    [The Algorithmic Foundations of Differential Privacy] [Lecture 1 Slides] [Lecture 2 Slides] [Lecture 3 Slides] [Aude scribe notes: Lecture 1] [Xavier and Solal scribe notes: Lecture 2] [Marc and Assirem scribe notes: Lecture 3]

  2. Lecture 2: An Introduction to Privacy Preserving Record Linkage
    (Thursday November 19) [Lecture 4 Slides] [Lecture 5 Slides] [Lecture 6 Slides] [David and Cyrus scribe notes: Lecture 4] [Mama scribe notes: Lecture 5] [Bachir and Edmond scribe notes: Lecture 6]

    Assigned reading:

  3. Lecture 3: Private Blocking and Evaluation of PPRL
    (Monday November 24) [Lecture 7 Slides] [Romain scribe notes] [Lecture 8 and 9 Slides]

    Assigned reading/homework:

  4. Lecture 4: Special Topics and Discussion of Course Projects
    (Tuesday November 25) [scribe notes] [Lecture 10 Slides] [Lecture 11 Slides]

    Assigned reading/homework: