Robert L Wolpert

Photo of R Wolpert Office: 211-C Old Chemistry Building
Phone: +1-919-684-3275
Fax:     +1-919-684-8594

Mailing Address:

Duke Univ Dept Statistical Science
211c Old Chem, Box 90251
Durham, NC 27708-0251 USA

Recent and Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

2016-04-05:08Lausanne, CH SIAM UQ16 Dynamic PF Flow & Frequency Models
2016-06-06:10Pittsburgh, PA SCMA VI Non-Gaussian, Non-Stationary, & Irregularly Sampled
2016-07-30:04Chicago, IL JSM 2016
2016-08-22:26RTP, NC SAMSI ASTRO OWNon-Gaussian, Non-Stationary, & Irregularly Sampled
2017-07-29:03Baltimore, MD JSM 2017
2018-06-24:29Edinburgh, UK ISBA 2018
2018-07-28:02Vancouver, BC JSM 2018
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Recent Research Papers

More papers are on my curriculum vitæ.

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