Robert L Wolpert

Photo of R Wolpert Office: 211-C Old Chemistry Building
Phone: +1-919-684-3275

Mailing Address:

Duke Univ Dept Statistical Science
211c Old Chem, Box 90251
Durham, NC 27708-0251 USA

Recent and Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

2018-08-20:24RTP, NC SAMSI MUMS Opening Workshop UQ Data Fusion: An Introduction and Case Study
2019-03-24:26NCSU, Raleigh, NC SAMSI MUMS Workshop on Coupling Uncertain Geophysical Hazards
2019-07-14:15Montreal, Quebec, CA 4th JETSCAPE Collaboration Meeting
2019-07-27:01Denver, CO JSM 2019
2019-09-06:07Ithaca, NY Cornell Celebration of Statistics & Data Science 2019 Lévy-based Nonparametric Bayesian Models and their Applications
2019-10-24:26Medford, MA GeoHazard Working Group Annual Fall Meeting
2020-03-24:27Munich, DE SIAM/ASA UQ20
2020-06-26:27Dali, Yunnan, CH 5th EAC-ISBA Conference Celebrating James O Berger's 70th Birthday
2020-06-29:03Kunming, Yunnan, CH 2020 ISBA World Meeting
2020-07-19:24Montserrat, West Indies SHV 25 Years On
2020-08-01:06Philadelphia, PA JSM 2020
Meeting Calendars: ASA, ISI, ISBA

Recent Research Papers

More papers are on my curriculum vitæ.

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