Final projects from 2015

  1. Predicting sales of Rossman's stores
  2. Gentrification Index Using Yelp Data
  3. Risk estimates of tree mortality across species using Bayesian hierarchical models
  4. Classification of TV Channels
  5. Prediction of Coupon Purchasing Behavior
  6. Classification of Cardiac Tissue Regions Based on Motion Profile in Ultrasound Images
  7. Spectral Clustering of Chinese Herbal Medicine Network
  8. Use of Machine Learning in Predicting Bankruptcy
  9. Distinguishing malignant from benign breast tumors
  10. Detection of Solar Panes from Satellite Imagery
  11. Yelp Customer Review Bias Analysis through Linear Mixed Effect Models with Natural Language Sentiment Polarity Scores
  12. Testing the CAPM Theory for German CDS Based on a Model with GARCH-type Volatilities and SSAEPD Errors
  13. Bayesian Non-Parametrics and Dirichlet Process Clustering Techniques
  14. Text Analysis of News Articles (Building a Protest Dataset through Machine Learning)
  15. Information Popularity and Diffusion Size Prediction in Online Social Networks
  16. Cascading Classifier for Face Detection
  17. What's Cooking ? Predicting Cuisines from Recipe Ingredients
  18. Analysing Senator Community Structure from Roll Call Data
  19. Handwritten Digits Recognition
  20. A Neural Algorithm for Artistic Style
  21. Machine Learning with Python
  22. Predictive Modeling of Bank Marketing for Term Deposit
  23. Air Pollution Distribution Analysis for Beijing Haze
  24. Beyond SVD
  25. Legislation approval ratings prediction via vote correlation
  26. Categorical Prediction of Song Popularity Using Topological Data Analysis
  27. Movie Recommender System
  28. The Effect of Racial Diversity on High School Graduation Rates
  29. Comparison of feature selection methods in modeling resting metabolic rate
  30. Randomization as regularization
  31. Designing an optimum traffic signal system using reinforcement learning
  32. Topic modeling for community analysis and range estimation
  33. Classifying Soccer Matches in the English Premier League
  34. Spectral algorithms and tensor methods for learning in POMDPs
  35. World Cup Recap
  36. Dimension Reduction Methods on Handwritten Digits Recognition
  37. ML methods for Drosophila Dorsal closure
  38. The Animal Model for Censored Traits
  39. Spectral Clustering and Community Detection in Labeled Graph
  40. Cluster Analysis of Endogenous Taxi Driver Schedule Patterns