Information for prospective students and postdocs


First look at the research topics.

If you are still interested apply to the appropriate graduate program:
(1) Statistics
(2) Computer Science
(3) Mathematics
(4) Computational biology

Send me an email after you apply. If you are not sure which program to apply to or have questions email me.


Send me an email if you are interested. I may be a bit delayed in responding but I will get back to you within a week. I am currently not looking for anyone in particular but there are possibilities for the right candidate.

Research topics

My work covers three areas of interest

(1) Geometry and topology in probabilistic modeling -- Modeling geometric and topological properties of objects/data with uncertainty and noise. Using ideas from geometry and topology for novel representations of statistical models.

(2) Modeling massive data -- Building statistical models and algorithms for problems such as dimenison reduction, classification, or matrix completion that scale to huge numbers of variables and observations.

(2) Applied (Bayesian) models in computational biology -- Modeling a wide variety of statistical phenomena from functional genomics, population biology, gene regulation, social/sexual networks, cell cycle, quantitative genetics. All these projects are in close collaborations with biologists, epidemiologists, and medical researchers.