Robert is 65

Robert and Family

All talks at Hanes House Auditorium, 315 Trent Drive

Friday Oct. 30

12:45-1:20Welcoming remarks
1:20-2:10Larry Wasserman A World Without Assumptions
2:10-3:00Murad Taqqu Multivariate limit theorems involving short-range and long-range dependence
3:00-3:30Coffee break
3:30-4:30Vanja Dukic Recent Advances in Emergent and Probabilistic Numerical Algorithms
4:30-5:00Colloquium reception
6:30-9:00Celebratory dinner Croasdaile Country Club

Saturday Oct. 31

9:50-10:40Katja IckstadtPoisson/gamma random field models: a door opener to nonparametric Bayesian modelling
10:40-11:10Coffee Break
11:10-12:00Mark Huber Bounded relative variance estimators for Monte Carlo
1:30-2:20Bruce Pitman Hazard Maps and Source Parameters for Volcanic Ash Transport
2:30-3:10Michael Lavine On Likelihood
3:10-3:40Coffee break
3:40-4:10Mary Beth BroadbentA Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Consumer Demand
4:10-4:40Leanna HouseBe the Data
4:40-5:20Natesh PillaiAn unexpected encounter with Cauchy and Levy
8:00-12:00Halloween party Croasdaile Country ClubSignup sheet