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1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy
Mountain view, CA 94043, USA
Email: wwrechard@gmail.com
About me

I'm currenlty working as a software engineer at Google, Inc. Before joining Google, I finished my Ph.D. in statistics from the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University, under the supervision of Prof. David B. Dunson . In addition, I completed a concurrent master degree in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Katherine Heller. Prior to Duke, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at Peking University.

My Ph.D. dissertation is "Distributed feature selection for large p and large n regression problems" .

My Master thesis is "Boosting variational inference: theory and examples"

Research interests
My research interests mainly lie in the area of large-scale statistical learning problems, including embarrassingly-parallel sampling algorithms, high dimensional estimation problems and distributed optimization problems. I also gained a recent interest in combining variational inference with classical statistical method for improving actual performance.

PyDLM is a new python package I wrote for the Bayesian dynamic linear model (Harrison and West, 1999) for time series modeling.

My toolkit
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