Research Areas

My thesis project is on multiple neural spike train data analysis. I am currently interested in state-space models and HMM(Hidden Markov Models). I also have a broad interest in Monte Carlo methodology, MCMC sampling methods, and their applications to scientific problems.

In general, I like statistics becuse I enjoy working with smart people and being able to help others solve problems.

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Neuron Project

In the neuron project, we developed useful visualization techniques, and implemented moving-template methods to study the difference in the neural activities between the REM sleep and SWS sleep. we also proposed two models to address the cooperative behaviors of groups of neurons. Hopefully they will be useful in explaining the data we have seen and give insights to the neuroscience.

  • Check this page for an introduction to the data.
  • Slides for my

Panel Project

  • Bayesian Gompertz-Makham

Other Projects

  • Mobile Robot Localization
  • More...-Please see my projects page for a list of interesting projects.

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Current Courses

Sta 130 ,Causal Studies, by Prof David Banks

Sta 218 ,Intro to Data Mining, by Prof David Banks