STA104/MTH135: Probability

Text:Jim Pitman, Probability (1st edn, 7th corrected printing)
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Syllabus, Fall 2008

1.Aug 26-28 Outcomes & Events HW 1 (Due Sep 4)
1.Sep 2-4 Conditional Probability (D/A ends Sep 5) HW 2 (Due Sep 11) (MH)
2.Sep 9-11 Binomial & Normal HW 3 (Due Sep 18)
2.Sep 16-18 Poisson & Hypergeometric HW 4 (Due Sep 25)
3.Sep 23-25 Discrete Random Variables HW 5 (Due Oct 2)
3.Sep 30-Oct 2 Mean, Variance & Expectation HW 6 (Due Oct 7)
1-3Oct 7-9 Review, 1st Midterm (Oct 9) PDF sheet (Hists of midterm, course avgs)
Oct 11-14 Fall Break (Midsemester grades reported)
4.Oct 16 Density Functions, CDFs, & survey HW 7 (Due Oct 23)
4.Oct 21-23 Change of Variable, Hazard & Survival HW 8 (Due Oct 30)
5.Oct 28-30 Independence & Joint Distributions HW 9 (Due Nov 6)
5.Nov 4-6 Functions of Random Vectors HW 10 (Due Tue Nov 11)
1-5Nov 11-13 Review for 2nd Midterm (Nov 18) (Hists of midterm, course avgs)
6.Nov 18-20 Midterm, Discrete Cond'l Dist'ns
6.Nov 25 Continuous Conditional Distributions HW 11 (Due Tue Dec 2)
Nov 26-30 Thanksgiving Recess (Thanksgiving is Nov 27)
6.Dec 2 - 4 Conditional Expectations, Review for Final
1-6Dec 14 Cumulative Final Exam (Sun 2-5pm) (Hists of exam scores, course avgs)