STA114: Statistics

Data Sets

Text:DeGroot & Schervish, Probability and Statistics (3rd edn)

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Data sets: Some lecture examples will feature data from published research, books, or other sources; I'll try to make the data available here so you can try out the methods used in class or experiment with other methods. Also some homework problems will have data sets; I'll put those here too. Click on any item below and you will find either the raw data or a further page of explanation leading to the raw data. Use the Save As feature of your web browser to save the data to a file, which you can then enter into R using the read.table command.
Anscombe A classic pedagogic data set illustrating the need to use graphical methods and residual analysis to assess regression fits.
Fish DDT data set from Mendenhall & Sincich Appendix III.
DDT-num DDT data set (numerical encoding) from M & S Appendix III.
DDT-chr DDT data set (character enclding) from M & S Appendix III.
CPU CPU times of 1000 computer jobs from M & S Appendix IV.
Iron Percentage iron contents for 390 ore samples from M & S Appendix V.
Cig-num Cigarette data set (numerical encoding) from M & S Appendix VI.
Cig-chr Cigarette data set (character enclding) from M & S Appendix VI.
Hand et al. 510 data sets from Handbook of Small Data Sets by Hand, Daly, Lunn, McConway, and Ostrowski.
StatLib CMU's ``StatLib'' statistics archive which in turn includes their
DASL ``Data and Story'' (DASL, pronounced like ``dazzle'') archive.