Create a scatterplot of two numerical variables in the diamonds dataset. This should be an interactive plot created with shiny such that the user selects the variable to be placed on the x and y axes from a drop down menu. You can place that drop down menu on the sidebar (like in the class example), or feel free to get creative with it…

Then, add functionality to color the points on the scatterplot by a categorical variable in the dataset. The user should also be able to choose the categorical variable from a drop down menu.


Accessing the data

Once the ggplot2 package is loaded, you can load the dataset with


Submission instructions

Your submission should be an R Markdown file in your team App Ex repo, in a folder called AppEx_10.

Due date

Tuesday, Nov 17, by class

Watch out for…

merge conflics on GitHub – you’re working in the same repo now!

Issues will arise, and that’s fine! Commit and push often, and ask questions when stuck.