Welcome to STA-130!


Course name: Probability and Statistics in Engineering


Instructor: Omer Bobrowski

Email: o|m|e|r|@|m|a|t|h|.|d|u|k|e|.|e|d|u

Office: Physics building #108

Office hours: Wed 3pm-5pm





Introduction to probability, independence, conditional independence, and Bayes' theorem. Discrete and continuous, univariate and multivariate distributions. Linear and nonlinear transformations of random variables. Classical and Bayesian inference, decision theory, and comparison of hypotheses. Experimental design, statistical quality control, and other applications in engineering.





TuTh 3:05pm - 4:20pm, 136 Social Science


Computing Labs:


01 F 10:05am - 11:20am, 106 Teer

02 F 11:45am - 1:00pm, 106 Teer

03 F 1:25pm - 2:40pm, 106 Teer



J.L. Devore Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 8th ed., Duxbury, ISBN: 9780538733526


Teaching Assistants:


Arpita Mandan (Tue,Thu 5pm-6pm, Old Chemistry #205)

Hanqui Xia (Wed,Thu 2pm-3pm, Old Chemistry #211)



Syllabus: HERE