Course information

Instructor: Alexander Volfovsky
TAs: Christoph Hellmayr, Maggie Nguyen, Derek Owens-Oas, Willem van den Boom, Yuanling Wang

Class time (French Science 2231): Tuesday and Thursday, 10:05am - 11:20am
Lab time: Friday 8:30am (601 Lab 1 - Willem), 11:45am (601 Lab 3 - Derek), 11:45am (360 Lab - Maggie), 1:25pm (601 Lab 2 - Christoph)
Office hours: Maggie: Monday 10am-12pm, Derek: Tuesady 3pm-5pm, Yuanling: Tuesday 5pm-7pm, Willem: Wednesday 9am-11am, Christoph: Wednesday 11am-1pm
Piazza: questions posted before \(X\) on Sunday - Wednesday will be answered the same day. As of August 27th, 2017 I can only tell you that the expected value of \(X_{\text{first week}}\) is 7pm and that X is likely a supermatingale in the sense \(E[X_{t+1}|X_t]\leq X_t\). For the first week we will let \(X=6pm\) but it is likely to be updated so stay tuned.
Book: A first course in Bayesian statistical methods by Peter Hoff.
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