STA 210: Regression Analysis

In this course, you will learn approaches to analyzing multivariate data sets, emphasizing the analysis of variance, linear regression, and logistic regression. You will learn techniques for checking the appropriateness of proposed models, such as residual analyses and case influence diagnostics, and techniques for selecting models. The class emphasizes data analysis over mathematical theory.

By the end of the semester, you will…

Course Information


Location: Old Chem 116
Time: Tu/Th 3:05p - 4:20p


Location: Old Chem 101
Time: M 3:05p - 4:20p or M 4:40p - 5:55p

Teaching Team and Office Hours

  Name Email Office Hours
      Day & Time Location
Instructor Dr. Maria Tackett M 1p - 2:30p

Th 10a - 11:30a
Old Chem 118B
Teaching Assistants
Yuhan Chen Tu 11a - 1p Old Chem 203B
Cathy Lee W 3p - 5p Old Chem 203B
Jose San Martin Th 6:30p - 8:30p Old Chem 203B

Course Materials


The Statistical Sleuth: Third Edition by Ramsey and Schafer.


RStudio available through Duke VM-Manage personal Docker container.