STA293: Computer code

Splus Notes
Notes Preliminary version of what became Venables' & Ripley's
Modern Applied Statistics with S-plus
Splus Code
sim1.s Various functions for generating random numbers
mc.s Various functions for generating finite state Markov chains
example0.s An example where "specifying" full conditionals doesn't lead to a unique stationary distribution
example1.s An example of a non-parametric regression using a random walk prior
example2.s An example of a non-parametric regression using a locally quadratic prior
nbhood.s Finding the weights for locally quadratic Gaussian autoregressions on the 2D lattice
fieldtrial.s Analysis of a corn variety trial conducted by the state of North Carolina. A locally planar Gaussian MRF is used to account for 2D spatial fertility. The yields are in yield.dat and the variety labels are in variety.dat.
example3.s An example of a non-parametric regression using a Gaussian process prior
poissonreg.s An example of simple Poisson regression using the identity and log links.
texture.s A program to simulate a 12 nearest neighbor Gaussian MRF using Gibbs sampling. This file makes textures of ocean, wood, wool, etc. The function genfield() calls a C routine in the file genfield.c. This file in turn requires the C routines in the file randomS.c and getnbhd.c. <\TD>
bintexture.s An example of using psuedo-likelihood to estimate coefficients of an auto-logistic function from a binary texture image in the file bintex.dat.
gensurf.s Splus code for doing all of the continuous Gaussian random field stuff in the notes on continuous fields:
varioest.s Code for looking at variograms.