STA114/MTH136 Statistics: Data Sets

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Data sets: Some lecture examples will feature data from published research, books, or other sources; I'll try to make the data available here so you can try out the methods used in class or experiment with other methods. Also some homework problems will have data sets; I'll put those here too. Click on any item below and you will find either the raw data or a further page of explanation leading to the raw data. Use the File>Save As feature of your web browser to save the data to a file, which you can then enter into S-Plus using the read.table() or scan() functions. To see a sample S-Plus session illustrating this, click on Anscombe below.
Anscombe A classic pedagogic data set illustrating the need to use graphical methods and residual analysis to assess regression fits.
Hand et al. 510 data sets from Handbook of Small Data Sets by Hand, Daly, Lunn, McConway, and Ostrowski.
Andrews and Herzbert 100 data sets from Data by D.F. Andrews and A.M Herzberg.
1xx Links to several teaching datasets
Duke Statistics Links to many other data archives, including
StatLib CMU's ``StatLib'' statistics archive which in turn includes their
DASL ``Data and Story'' (DASL, pronounced like ``dazzle'') archive.
Mercedes Used Mercedes data set
Pollution Pollution data set