STA 199: Intro to Data Science

Intro to data science and statistical thinking. Learn to explore, visualize, and analyze data to understand natural phenomena, investigate patterns, model outcomes, and make predictions, and do so in a reproducible and shareable manner. Gain experience in data wrangling and munging, exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling, data visualization, and effectively communicating results. Work on problems and case studies inspired by and based on real-world questions and data. The course will focus on the R statistical computing language.

Course info


  Soc Sci 136      Mon and Wed 3:05p - 4:20p


Lab 01      Link Classroom 2      Thur 1:25p - 2:40p

Lab 02      Link Classroom 5      Thur 3:05p - 4:20p

Lab 03      Link Classroom 5      Thur 4:40p - 5:55p

Teaching team and office hours

Instructor Prof. Maria Tackett   Thur 10:30a - 12p Old Chem 118B
TAs Max Bartlett   Mon 6p - 8p Old Chem 203B
Alexandra DiGiacomo   Sun 1p - 3p Old Chem 203B
Walker Harrison   Tues 12p - 2p Old Chem 203B
Steven Herrera   Fri 1:30p - 3:30p Old Chem 203B
Jose San Martin   Wed 12:30p - 2:30p Old Chem 203B


All texts are freely available online. Hardcopies are also available for purchase.

R for Data Science Grolemund, Wickham O'Reilly, 1st edition, 2016
OpenIntro Statistics Diez, Barr, Çetinkaya-Rundel CreateSpace, 3rd Edition, 2015


You should bring a fully-charged laptop to every lecture and lab session.