1Curriculum Vita for

Alan E. Gelfand

Professor of Statistical Science



ADDRESS:   Department of Statistical Science

   Duke University

   Old Chemistry Building

   Durham, NC 27707-0251


TELEPHONE:  (919) 668-5229 (Office)

(919) 684-8594 (FAX)




DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH:   April 17, 1945, New York City, New York




B.S., City College of New York, 1965

M.S., Stanford University, 1967

Ph.D., Stanford University, 1969





1966-67 Summer Research Assistant, U.S. Navy Electronics Laboratory

1967-69    Graduate Teaching Assistant, Stanford University;  Graduate Research Assistant,    1968-69

1969  Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut Associate Professor, 1975-80 Professor, 1980-

1970  Visiting Assistant Professor, Stanford University Summer

1971  Visiting Research Associate, Stanford University Summer

1972  Summer Research Associate, George Washington University

1976  Visiting Research Associate, Stanford University Summer

1978-79 Summer Research Associate, Stanford University

1980  Visiting Lecturer, University of New South Wales Visiting Lecturer, Sydney University; Visiting Research Scientist, CSIRO, Sydney

1985-93 Visiting Research Associate, Stanford University, Summers

1988;90 Science and Engineering Research Council Visiting Fellow, Nottingham University

1992;93;95 Science and Engineering Research Council Visiting Fellow, Imperial College

1995  Visiting Research Scholar, Harvard University

2001  Visiting Research Scientist, University of Washington

2002 -   Professor (James B. Duke Professor of Statistics and Decisions Sciences)

  Duke University


2002  Visiting Professor, Bocconi University, Milan

2004,05        Visiting Research Scholar, Oslo University

2005,11     Visiting Professor, University of Rome

2005 -        Professor of Environmental Health and Policy, Nicholas School of the


2007 -13    Chair, Department of Statistical Science




American Statistical Association; Institute of Mathematical

Statistics; International Statistical Institute (Bernoulli

Society); International Society for Bayesian Analysis




 Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association, May 1978

 Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute, 1986

 Elected Member of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, April 1995

 Elected Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, August 1996

 Mosteller Statistician of the Year Award, February 2001

 Tenth Most Cited Mathematical Scientist in the World 1991-2001, Science Watch

 President, International Society for Bayesian Analysis, 2006

            Recipient, Parzen Prize, 2006

            Craig Lecturer, 2011

            P.C. Mahalanobis Lecturer, 2012

            Distinguished Research Medal, ASA Section on Statistics and the Environment, 2013

            Elected Fellow, International Society for Bayesian Analysis, November 2015

            William Evans Visiting Fellow, Otago University, Dunedin, NZ, Fall 2017

            Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award, American Statistical Association, 2019





Invited Paper:  Computer Science and Statistics Interface, E. Lansing, Michigan, 1990.


Presented Paper:  2nd World Congress of the Bernoulli Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Uppsala, Sweden, August 1990.


Conference Organizer: Bayesian Computation via Stochastic Simulation, Ohio State Univ., February 1991.


Invited Speaker:  Pacific Northwest Statistics Group, Vancouver, March 1991.


Invited Speaker:  Bayesian Statistics 4, Valencia, April, 1991.


Conference Chair:  Fifth New England Statistics Symposium, April 1991.


Associate Editor:  Journal American Statistical Association, January 1992 - 1995.


Organizing Committee:  24th Symposium on the Interface, College Station, Texas, March 1992.


Invited Paper:  Sixth New England Statistics Symposium, April 1992.


Invited Speaker:  5th Purdue Symposium on Statistical Decision Theory and Related Topics, June 1992.



Invited Lecturer:  Workshop on "New Developments in Statistical Modelling for Complex Biomedical Problems", INSERM, Paris, July 1992.

Invited Speaker:  Annual Statistical Meetings, Boston, August 1992.


Invited Speaker:  Latin American-US Workshop on Bayesian Statistics and Econometrics, Caracas, Venezuela, December 1992.


Member:  ESF Network on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems, January 1993.


Conference Chair:  Seventh New England Statistics Symposium, April 1993.


Invited Speaker:  1st Riverboat Conference, Basel, May 1993.


Invited Speaker:  Statistical Society of Canada, Wolfville, June 1993.


Invited Speaker:  Joint Statistical Meetings, San Francisco, August 1993.


Invited Speaker:  International Conference on Hierarchical Modeling, Rio De Janiero, December 1993.


 Invited Lecturer:  University of Basel, Switzerland, May 1994


 Invited Speaker:  Bayesian Statistics 5, Alicante, Spain June 1994


Conference Organizer and Chair:  Summer Research Conference, AMS-IMS-SIAM sponsored, Mt. Holyoke College, June 1994


Conference Co-Chair:  NSF-CBMS Workshop on Finite Population Models, Storrs, CT  July 1994


 Invited Speaker:  Workshop on Model Determination, Weisbaden, Germany, Sept 1994


 Invited Speaker:  Statistical Society of Ottawa, October 1994


Conference Chair:  Ninth New England Statistics Symposium, April 1995.


Conference Organizing Committee:  Workshop on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems, Luminy, France, June 1995.


Invited Speaker:  International Workshop on Model Uncertainty and Model Robustness, Bath, England, June 1995.


Invited Speaker:  Joint Statistical Meetings, Orlando, Florida, August 1995.


Invited Speaker: VI Latin American Congress on Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Valparaiso, Chile, November, 1995

Invited Speaker:  Sydney International Statistical Congress, Sydney, Australia, July 1996.

 Invited Speaker:  Joint Statistical Meetings, Chicago, August 1996.


 Associate Editor:  American Statistician, 1996 - 2001.


IMS Representative to AAAS Section on Information, Computing and Communication, 1996-.


Member, International Advisory Committee, International Society for Bayesian Analysis, 1996-.


Member, NSF Review Panel in Statistics, December 1996.


 Conference Chair: 11th New England Statistics Symposium, April 1997.


Invited Distinguished Scholar: National Chao Tung University, May 1997 (Lectures at Academia Sinica, Fu Jen Catholic University and Fung Shia University).


 Invited Speaker: Practical Bayesian Statistics 4, Nottingham, England, July 1997.


Invited Speaker: International Workshop on Stochastic Model Building and Variable Selection Duke University, Durham, October 1997.


 Invited Speaker: INFORMS, Dallas, October, 1997.


 Member, NSF Review Panel In Statistics, December 1997.


Invited Speaker: Third Triennial Calcutta Symposium on Probability and Statistics, Calcutta, December 1997.


Invited Speaker: Conference on Recent Advances In Statistics and Probability, Calcutta, January, 1998.


 Invited Speaker, ENAR (Biometrics Society) Meeting, Pittsburgh, March 1998.


 Elected: Board of Directors, International Society for Bayesian Analysis 1998 - 2001.


 Invited Speaker:  Basel Biometrics Society, Basel Switzerland, May 1998.


 Invited Speaker:  Joint Statistical Meeting, Dallas, August 1998.


 ASA Visiting Lecturer Program, 1999 - 2002

 Invited Speaker: Royal Statistical Society Meeting Sheffield, UK, April 1999


 Conference Chair: 13th New England Statistics Symposium Storrs, CT April 1999

Invited Speaker: Statistical Methods for Analyzing Geographic Variations In Health Indicators, Workshop in Paris, April 1999


 Invited Speaker: International Workshop On Objective Bayesian Methodology, Valencia,

 June 1999


 Invited Speaker: Second Bayesian Nonparametrics Workshop, Reading, UK, July 1999


 Invited Speaker: Joint Statistical Meetings, Baltimore, August 1999


 Chair Elect: ASA Section on Bayesian Statistical Science, 2000


Invited Speaker: International Conference in Honor of the 80th birthday of Professor C.R. Rao, San Antonio, March 2000


Invited Speaker: ENAR Meeting, Chicago, March 2000


 Invited Speaker: Basel Biometrics Society, Basel May 2000


 Invited Speaker: ISBA Meeting, Crete May 2000


Invited Speaker: AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Research Conference, S. Hadley, MA, July 2000


 Invited Speaker: Joint Statistical Meetings, Indianapolis, August 2000


 Member, NSF Review Panel in Statistics, December 2000


Invited Address: Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association, February 2001


 Invited Presentation, Symposium In Honor of Sir David Cox, New York, March 2001


 Conference Chairman, 15th New England Statistics Symposium, Storrs, CT, April 2001


 Invited Tutorial, International Real Estate Conference, Cancun, May 2001.


 Invited Speaker, Bayesian Inference In Stochastic Processes, Varenna, Italy, June 2001


 Invited Presentation, Basel Biometric Society, June 2001


 Invited Speaker, Bayesian Nonparametrics Summit, Ann Arbor, July 2001


 Special Invited Paper (IMS), Joint Statistical Meetings, Atlanta, August 2001


 Associate Editor: Journal of the American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods,

 January 2002 - 2008


 Invited Speaker, Bayesian Statistics 7, Tenerife, June 2002


 Program Chair Elect: ISBA 2003


 Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, New York City, August 2002


Invited Speaker, and Tutorial, Stochastic Computation Workshop, SAMSI, September 2002, Durham, NC


Invited Speaker, Spatial Statistics: Integrating Statistics, GIS and Statistical Graphics, October 2002, Seattle, WA


Invited Speaker, Int’l Conference on Ranking and Selection, Multiple Comparisons, Reliability, and their applications, December 2003, Chennai, India


Invited Speaker, International Conference on Statistics In Industry and Business, January 2003 Cochin, India


Invited Speaker, International Bayesian Workshop/Symposium January 2003 Calcutta


Invited Speaker, Large Scale Models for Environmental Systems Workshop, SAMSI February 2003 Durham, North Carolina


Invited Speaker, Spatio-Temporal Statistics Summer Colloquium, June 2003, Boulder, Colorado


Invited Speaker, ISI International Conference on Environmental Statistics and Health, July 2003 Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Bayesian Analysis, August 2003, Santa Cruz, CA


Invited Presenter, Bayesian Case Studies Workshop 7, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, September 2003


Invited Distinguished Lecturer, PRIMES Program, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, October 2003


Invited Speaker, New Approaches to Statistical Modeling of Ecological Data, Jackson Hole, November 2003


Invited Speaker, ISM Conference on Science of Modeling, Yokohama, Japan,

December 2003


Co-leader SAMSI Program on Multi Scale Model Development and Control Design. January 2004

Invited Speaker, ENAR, Pittsburgh, March 2004


Co-organizer, NSF Summer Institute, Uncertainty and Variability in Ecological Inference Forecasting and Decision making, Duke University, June 2004


Member, Editorial Board, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, January 2004


Associate Editor, Bayesian Analysis, July 2004


Associate Editor, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, August 2004 - 2010


Invited Speaker and Roundtable Leader, Joint Statistical Meetings, Toronto, August 2004


Invited Speaker, Winemiller Symposium, Columbia, MO October 2004


Plenary Speaker, MCMC-Ski, Bormio, Italy, January 2005


NIH Panelist, Obesity and the Built Environment, Durham, NC February 2005


External Evaluator, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, April 2005


Keynote Speaker, Workshop on recent advances in modeling spatio-temporal data, Southampton, UK, May 2005


Keynote Speaker, Conference on Applied Statistics in Ireland, Enniskillen, Ireland, May 2005


Invited Speaker, Bayesian Inference In Stochastic Processes 4, Varenna, Italy, June 2005


Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, Minneapolis, MN, August 2005


Member, National Institute of Statistical Science, Board of Trustees, 2005-2007


Keynote Speaker, Latent Structural Modelling and Analysis for Spatio-temporal Data, December, 2005, Kyoto, Japan


Invited Speaker,  Workshop on Uncertainty in Ecological Analysis, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, April 2006


Invited Address (as Parzen Prize Recipient), Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, April 2006


Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Applied Probability, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, May 2006


Invited Speaker, Bayesian Inference in Complex Stochastic Systems, Warwick University, UK, May 2006


Invited Speaker, Valencia 8 ISBA 2006 World Meeting on Bayesian Statistics, Benidorm Spain, June 2006


Invited Speaker, Spatial Data Methods for Environmental and Ecological Processes, Puglia, Italy, September 2006


Advisory Board Member, Institute for Mathematics Applied to the Geosciences, NCAR, Boulder CO,  October, 2006 - 2009


Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Statistical Modelling of Complex Systems, Munich, Germany, October, 2006


Associate Editor, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 2007-2009


Invited Speaker,  Workshop on Environmental Health and Statistics, University of Florida, Gainesville, January, 2007


Invited Speaker,  Mathematical Challenges and Opportunities in Sensor Networking,  Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA, January 2007


Plenary Speaker, Spatial and Spatio-temporal Statistics, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, April 2007


Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, Salt Lake City, August, 2007


Invited Speaker, International Society for Exposure Analysis, annual Meeting, Durham, North Carolina, October 2007


Invited Speaker,  International Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics, UNC-Greensboro, October, 2007


Member, Board of Trustees, National Institute of Statistical Science, 2007- 2015


Editor, Special Issue of Environmental and Ecological Statistics


Program Organizing Committee, SAMSI Program on Wireless Sensor Networks, Durham, Spring 2008


Invited Speaker, 9th Bayesian Statistics Brazilian Meeting, Maresias, Sao Paolo, February, 2008


Invited Speaker, ENAR meeting, Arlington, VA, March 2008


Invited Speaker, GUDO 4 Workshop, Valencia, Spain, June 2008


Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, Denver, CO, August 2008

Invited Speaker, METMA 4, Alghero, Sardinia, September 2008


Invited Speaker, MCMC Meeting, CRM Lab, Sherbrooke, Quebec, October 2008


Invited Speaker, Thirtieth Anniversary, UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, May 2009


Invited Speaker, 7th Workshop on Bayesian Nonparametrics, Torino, Italy, June 2009


Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, Washington, D.C., August 2009


Invited Speaker, Conference on Spatio-temporal Extremes and Applications, Lausanne, November, 2009


Associate Editor, Bernoulli, 2010- 2102


Invited Speaker, X Jornados Nacionales de Bioestadistica, II Workshop Bayesiano, Santiago, Chile, January 2010


 Invited Speaker, EBEB X, Angra Dos Reis, Brasil, March 2010


Plenary Speaker, Frontiers of Statistical Decision Making and Bayesian Analysis, San Antonio, March 2010


Plenary Speaker, Second Bayesian Inference in Complex Stochastic Systems, Warwick University, UK, May 2010


Invited Speaker, METMA V, Santiago de Campostella, Spain, July 2010


Invited Short Course, Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver, Canada, August 2010


Conference Organizer, Transition workshop, SAMSI program on Space-time analysis for Environmental Mapping, Epidemiology, and Climate Change, September 2010


Invited Speaker, ENAR, International Biometrics Society, Miami, March 2011


The Craig Lectures, University of Iowa, April, 2011


Plenary Speaker, Hierarchical Models and Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Crete, June 2011


Invited Summer School, ASB2011, Bolzano, Italy, June 2011


Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, Miami, August, 2011


Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Metron, September, 2011


Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Spatial Statistics, October 2011- 2015


Presidential Invited Address, The International Environmetrics Society, Hyderabad, India, January 2012


The P.C. Mahalanobis Lectures - Kolkata, Delhi, Bungaluru, India, January 2012


Plenary Lecture, CLAPEM XII, Vina Del Mar, Chile, March 2012


Mu Sigma Rho Invited Lecture, Virginia Tech, April 2012


Invited Speaker, Symposium on Hierarchical Modeling in the Environmental Sciences, Tokyo, Japan, June 2012


Invited Speaker, BayesComp 2012, Tokyo, Japan, June 2012


Keynote Speaker, ISBA 2012,  Kyoto, Japan, June 2012


Keynote Speaker, Australian Statistical Congress, Adelaide, Australia, July, 2012


Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, San Diego, CA, August, 2012


            Keynote Speaker, Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics,

            Greensboro, NC, October, 2012



            Editorial Board, TEST, 2012-


            Editorial Board, Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, 2013 - 2016


            Invited Speaker, XIII Escola de Modelos de Regressão, Maresias, SP, Brazil,

            February, 2013


            Invited Speaker, Workshop on Investigating the Effect of Air Quality on Health,

            University of Southampton, April 2013


            Invited Speaker, Finnish Days, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, May, 2013


            Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, Montreal, Canada, August 2013


            Distinguished Achievement Medal, ASA Section Statistics in the Environment,

            August 2013


            Plenary Speaker, J. Haslett Retirement Celebration, Trinity College Dublin, March 2014


            Plenary Speaker, International Biometric Society Meeting, 60th Anniversary, Bremen,

            Germany, March 2014


            Invited Speaker, ADISTA 2014, Brussels, Belgium, May 2014


            Invited Speaker, Bayes2014 Lectures, Edinburgh, Scotland, May 2014


            Plenary Speaker, Scottish and Northumbrian Meeting of Statisticians 2014, May 2014


            Invited Speaker, 47th Scientific Meeting Italian Statistical Society, Sardinia, Italy,

            June   2014


            Invited Speaker, Graybill Symposium, Ft. Collins Colorado, September 2014


            Invited Speaker, International Chemometrics  Society, Nijmegen, Holland,

            September 2014


             Invited Discussant, Workshop on investigating the effect of air quality on

             health, University of Southampton, UK, June 2015


             Invited Speaker, Spatial Statistics 2015: Emerging Patterns, Avignon, France, June 2015


             Distinguished Research Scholar, Center on Excellence for Complex Data Analysis,

             RTI, Durham, NC, 2015-16


             Associate Editor, Spatial Statistics, 2016 –


             Invited Speaker, Joint Statistics Meetings, Chicago, August 2016


             CBMS Short Course, University of California Santa Cruz, August 2017


             Invited Speaker, BIRS-CMO 17w5076: Synthesis of Statistics, Data Mining

             and Environmental Sciences in Pursuit of Knowledge Discovery, Oaxaca,

             Mexico, November 2017


             William Evans Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Otago, Dunedin, New  

             Zealand,   November-December 2017


             Foundation Lecture, International Society For Bayesian Analysis, June, 2018,

             Edinburgh, Scotland


             Invited Speaker, Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver, B.C., August 2018


             Keynote Speaker, Workshop on Spatial Point Process Modeling, Texas A&M

             University, College Station September 2018


             Special Invited Lecture, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University,

             Ft. Collins, CO, October 2018


             MSSISS Keynote Speaker, University of Michigan, March 2019


             Member, REVSTAT Editorial Board, 2019-23





 Spatial Statistics

            Spatial and Spatio-temporal Modeling

            Statistical Analysis of Environmental and Ecological Processes

 Modeling and Model Determination

 Nonparametric Bayesian Inference

 Bayesian Computation  




I have completed thirty Ph.D. students since 1990, nearly all of whom have gone into academic positions including the University of Minnesota, Carnegie-Mellon University, Texas A & M University, University of Southampton, North Carolina State University, University of California, Santa Cruz, University of Texas-Austin, Brigham Young University, and University of California, Los Angeles. I have also mentored numerous post-doctoral researchers, including individuals who have then taken positions at UFRJ (Brasil), Arizona State University, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, Texas Tech University, McGill University.




Graphical and Descriptive Methods for Criminal Justice Data: Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco 1984; Houston, Chicago, New York 1985,

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methodology:  University of Basel, Switzerland, May 1994; Southern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, April 1996; National Chao Tung University, Taiwan, May 1997.

Spatial Modeling and Data Analysis: University of Sao Paolo, January 2001, University of Padua, May 2001, University of Oulu, Finland, June 2002, University of Bocconi, Milan, November, 2002.

Short Course on Hierarchical Modeling For the Analysis of Spatal Data, ENAR, Pittsburgh, March 2004, Joint Statistical Meetings, Minneapolis, August 2005.

NSF Short Course on Hierarchical Modeling for the Environmental Sciences, Duke University, June 2004, 2006

Short Course on Spatial Epidemiotogy, Erasmus Summer Program, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, August 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

Short Course on Hierarchical Modeling for the Analysis of Spatial Data, Southampton, May 2005, May 2007, June 2009.

Short Course on Hierarchical Modeling for the Analysis of Spatial Data, Tokyo, December, 2005

Short Course on Applied Bayesian Nonparametric Modelling, Joint Statistical Meetings, Seattle, August, 2006

Short Course on Multivariate Spatial Process Modeling, ASA Section on Statistics and the Environment and CISES, Chicago, October 2006

            Short Course on Hierarchical Modeling for the Analysis of Spatial Data,  Zaragoza, Spain,

            June 2007, Lisbon, Portugal, March 2008, Valencia, Spain, June, 2008, Southampton, UK,

            June 2009, Tel Aviv, June 2010, Southampton, UK, June 2011, May 2013, June 2015,

            University of Rome, June  2011, University of Bologna, March 2015

            Short Course on Bayesian Ecology, Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver, Canada, August


ABS11 Summer School, Hierarchical Modeling for Environmental Processes, Bolzano, Italy June 2011

Short Course on Bayesian Analysis of Spatial Point Patterns, Rome, Italy, June 2014

Short Course on Principles of Bayesian Inference and Hierarchical Modeling, Soochow University, Peking University, April-May 2015

Short Course on Bayesian methods and Spatial data methods, RTI, Durham, NC, Oct/Nov 2015

Short Course on Spatial data analysis, Intel, Portland Oregon, August, 2016

CBMS Summer Course, Bayesian Modeling for Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data, University of California, Santa Cruz, August 2017

Short Course on Spatial data analysis, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, December, 2017




Books and Monographs:


Gelfand, A.E. and C.C. Walker, 1984. Ensemble Modeling: Inference from Small Scale Properties to Large Scale Systems. Marcel Dekker: New York.


Gelfand, A.E. 1984. Editor: Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Washington, D.C.


Gelfand, A.E. 1987. Editor: Contributions to the Theory and Application of Statistics, Academic Press, San Francisco.


Gelfand, A.E. (with S. Banerjee and B.P. Carlin) 2004. Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Spatial Data  Chapman Hall, Boca Raton.


Gelfand, A.E. (with Clark, J.S.) 2006. Hierarchical Modeling for Environmental Data; Some applications and Perspectives. Oxford University Press.


Gelfand, A.E. (with P. J. Diggle, M. Fuentes, P. Guttorp) 2010.  The Handbook of Spatial Statistics.  Chapman Hall, Boca Raton


Gelfand, A.E. (with S. Banerjee and B.P. Carlin) 2014. Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Spatial Data, 2nd Edition,  Chapman Hall, Boca Raton


Gelfand, A.E. (with E.Schliep) 2018 Bayesian Analysis and Computation for Spatial Point Patterns. NSF-CBMS Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics, Volume 10, Institute of Mathematical Statistics


Gelfand, A.E. (with M. Fuentes, J. Hoeting, and R.L. Smith) 2019 The Handbook of

Environmental and Ecological Statistics Chapman Hall, Boca Raton




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