Li Ma

Research interests

  • Multi-scale inference

  • Graphical models

  • Large-scale hypothesis testing

  • Recursive partitioning and tree-related methods

  • Statical modeling biomedical data sets, especially microbiome sequencing data and flow cytometry

A recent methodological focus of my research is on using multi-scale techniques to construct flexible probability models that can be applied to massive data sets. Traditional nonparametric approaches, while enjoying many established theoretical properties, are often computationally intractable for big data. Multi-scale inference provides a general framework for tackling the computational bottleneck, while preserving the theoretical guarantees enjoyed by classical methods.

My applied interest focuses on modeling complex data sets from biomedical experiments. In particular, current efforts have been devoted to modeling and analyzing data from microbiome sequencing experiments and flow cytometry.


My research group is currently supported by both the NSF (Statistics Program grant DMS-2013930 and CAREER Award grant DMS-1749789) and the NIH (NIGMS grant R01-GM135440). Prior support: NSF grants DMS-1309057, DMS-1612889, and a Google Faculty Research Award.


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