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This course provides graduate students with the opportunity to discuss their research with other students and faculty, as well as practice giving research presentations. Each session will consist of either two short presentations, or one long presentation.

Presenters will receive feedback on their presentations from me. Other audience members are strongly encouraged to provide feedback as well. Please email the presenter with comments you have. A minimal template for feedback includes

  1. a description of positive aspects of the presentation;

  2. a description of things that need some work;

  3. any additional technical comments or suggestions.

Course schedule

  1. 08/17 - Online only

    • David: “Seeking informative latent clusters in multivariate unordered categorical data: The hunting of the Snark”
    • Graham: “A not-so-hidden Markov model: Bias in election polling”
  2. 08/24 - Face-to-face and online

    • Jordan: “Smaller p-values in genomics studies using distilled auxiliary information”
    • Vittorio: “Building boxes for interpretable treatment effect estimation”
  3. 08/31 - Online only

    • Andy: “Means and the Stein effect in metric spaces”
  4. 09/07 - Online only

    • Fan: “Can we compare epidemic models? Or should we?”
  5. 09/14 - No seminar

  6. 09/21 - Online only

    • Bora: “Bayesian Matrix Completion for Hypothesis Testing”
  7. 09/28 - Online only

    • Becky: “Modeling Spatially Biased Citizen Science Effort Through the eBird Database”
    • Federico: “Nonparametric Bayesian multi-armed bandits for single cell experiment design”
  8. 10/05 - Online only

    • Graham: “A not-so-hidden Markov model: Simultaneous Bias and Forecasting in Elections”
    • Heather: “Methods for Graph Cluster Randomization with Latent Communities”
  9. 10/12 - Online only

    • Anna: “Hierarchical Multidimensional Scaling for the Comparison of Musical Performance Styles”
    • Naoki: “New flexible Polya trees for high-dimensional distributions”
  10. 10/19 - Online only

    • Michele: “How to perform a statistical analysis when the state space is unknown, using extended probabilities”
    • Andrea: “Bayesian Density estimation with Gibbs-type processes”
  11. 10/26 - Online only

    • Ed: “Fiedler Regularization”
  12. 11/02 - Online only

    • Anna: “Probabilistic Hierarchical Dynamic Modelling for Individualized Forecasting”
  13. 11/09 - Online only

    • Vittorio: “Density Regression with Bayesian Additive Regression Trees”
    • Jordan: “Probable Optimal Transport”
  14. 11/16 - Online only

    • Fan: “Extended stochastic SEIR model on dynamic networks with individual heterogeneity”
    • Raphael: “Efficient data augmentation for fitting stochastic epidemic models to incidence data”