832 HW3 - Due Friday 2020/09/11

  1. svd.pdf exercise 2

  2. svd.pdf exercise 7

  3. ndist.pdf exercise 1

  4. ndist.pdf exercise 2

  5. Do an AMMI analysis of the attFace.rds dataset in the course directory. This is a 92x112x9 data array representing 9 different photos of an ATT worker, with a resolution of 92x112 pixels. Specifically,

    1. vectorize each image to yield a 9x10304 data matrix;
    2. fit the AMMI-\(q\) model for \(q=1,\ldots,8\) plot the RSS as a function of \(q\);
    3. interpret the additive row effects and additive column effects.