You should start thinking about what you would like to work on for each of your projects, and let me know what your intended topics are once you think you know. If you want to stray from the basic format described above, come talk to me and we can come up with an alternative format. You should talk to me about your initial ideas for each of these projects by October 1.

Data project

Describe some multivariate data that we haven’t used in class that is of a reasonable size. Apply at least two different multivariate techniques to the data. The techniques you apply do not need to be “correct” or “optimal”, but you do need to comment on their appropriateness, and possibly other techniques or models that would be more appropriate. The format of the project should be all-electronic and replicable by me: The data should be available via http, and all code should be included in with your report. The written component of the report should be around six pages, and should include

The report should be turned in electronically. I suggest using R markdown to write the report.

Paper project

Paper project: Describe mathematically a multivariate technique or result that interests you. This could be something we’ve done in class that you would like to explore further, or something we haven’t discussed in class. The report should be about six pages long, and include