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Duke / UNC / NCSU
April 6 - 8, 2018
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What is DataFest?

ASA DataFestTM is a data analysis competition where teams of up to five students have a weekend to attack a large, complex, and surprise dataset. Your job is to represent your school by finding and communicating insights into these data. The teams that impress the judges will win prizes as well as glory for their school. Everyone else will have a great experience, lots of food, and fun!

While ASA DataFestTM is a competition, the main goal of the event is to promote collaboration. Here is a testimonial from past participants:

  • It was a great experience, with a fun and interesting challenge. One of my favorite parts is how varied the presentations and projects from each team are. I love learning about ways in which others looked at and analyzed the same problem/ data.

  • DataFest was an awesome experience. To me, the best part was working in a team of friends that I usually hung out with, but had not had a chance to work together intensively on a project. We enjoyed analyzing the situations and solving problems together for our client. At the end of the day, we just got to know each other better. It was also fun to interact with other teams to explore other approaches while keeping in mind that we were in competition. The fact that we were given a huge amount of data really challenges us to come up with creative and practical approaches. Another important part was the presentation. Every team had to explain well to the judges their objectives and solutions. Our team won the Best Visualization award which is really awesome. Lastly, the food was fantastic.

ASA DataFestTM is also a great opportunity to gain experience that employers are looking for. Having worked on a data analysis problem at this scale will certainly help make you a good candidate for any position that involves analysis and critical thinking, and it will provide a concrete example to demonstrate your experience during interviews.
Event details
ASA DataFestTM 2018 starts on Friday, April 6, 2018 at 6pm at Penn Pavillion at Duke University, and will end by 5pm on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

On Friday we will start with a reception where your surprise client will give a brief introduction to the data you will be working with over the weekend and tell you a bit about what they would like to get out of it. The data will likely be much more complex than what you are used to seeing in your classes, and you will be given free reign to analyze it however you like. In other words, you will come up with a research question that is of interest to you, and conduct the appropriate analysis to answer your question. But you are welcomed, and encouraged, to take cues from the client's introduction when shaping your research question(s).

Presentations and judging will begin ~2pm on April 8, 2018. Each team will give a brief (5 minute) presentation of their findings to a panel of judges comprised of faculty and professionals from a variety of fields. There will be prizes in many categories, such as best visualization, best use of external data, and best findings. A finalized list of categories will be announced at the beginning of the competition.
Past DataFests @ Duke
Follow the links below to read about past DataFest events at Duke:

ASA DataFestTM 2018 @Duke is organized by the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University and
co-hosted by the Departments of Statistics and Operations Research at UNC and Statistics at NCSU.


Sign ups will begin in Febrary, please check back then!

--> If you have any questions about registration please contact Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel.

DataFest 2015 @Duke

Congratulations to all 200+ students from Duke, UNC, NCSU, NCCU, North Carolina A&T, UNC Greensboro, and University of Michigan
who participated in ASA DataFest 2015 @Duke,
and a huge thanks to all of our sponsors who made this weekend possible, including our data sponsor

Cauchy Sponsors: Panton Inc., Duke SSRI
Pareto Sponsors: SAS, Duke iiD, RTI International, Innovation Co-Lab
Lognormal Sponsors: MaxPoint, APT, GOOGLE, Duke MEMP
Weibull Sponsors: RStudio, JMP, DataCamp, Revolution Analytics
Acknowledgments: Duke Libraries, ASA

Edmunds provided data on visitors to their website, various configurations of cars they considered, and any sales resulting from the visit to the website. They stated their goal for the competition as "Help us make car buying easier for our users", though students were encouraged to think about car shopping in as large a context as possible. We would also like to thank Edmunds representatives, Courtney Raskob and Rob Hardy, who spent the weekend with us answering questions from the participants and judging the event.

Throughout the weekend we had lots of fun and lots of food, here is the photographic evidence:

And the participants produced incredibly impressive projects. Here are the winners:

Best Visualization:

Bayes' Anatomy
Bayes' Anatomy - Duke
Alluvial graph of customer journeys through Edmunds and network of car models
[Presentation] [Writeup]
David Clancy - Stats + Math, Junior
Gregory Poore - BME, Junior
Michael Lin - Math, Junior
Tori Hall - Stats, Junior
Best Insight:

poke.R - Duke
Who is our dream customer?
[Presentation] [Writeup]
Hong Xu, MEM, MS
Ruofei Wang, MEM, MS
Yang Su, Stats, MS
Yikun Zhou, Stats & Econ Modeling, MS
Yuyin Gu, MEM, MS

Best Use of Outside Data:

Type 3 Errors
Type 3 Errors - Duke
Political Ideology, micro-targeting,
and causal Inference

[Presentation] [Writeup]
Justin Yu - BME, Senior
Matt Tyler - Stats, Senior

... and all projects:


  • - Honorable mention: Stats-R-Us - Duke
  • A Network Analysis of Car Shopping
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Emelina Vienneau - BME, First-year
    • Michelle Moffa - Civil Engineering, First-year
    • Daniel Pak - CS, First-year
    • Wuming Zhang - ECE + CS, First-year
    • Nayib Gloria, First-year

  • - Honorable mention: The Sunsets - Duke
  • Geographic Heat Map For Buying Price Based on Random Forest Predictions
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Ouwen Huang - CS, Junior
    • Yu Zhou Lee - CS, Junior
    • Joshua Miller - ECE + CS, Junior
    • Joy Patel - Mathematics, Sophomore

  • - Honorable mention: StatPack - NCSU
  • Geographical insight into how customers on shop
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • James Gilman - Stats, Senior
    • Marschall Furman - Stats, Junior
    • Michael Dickey - Stats + Econ, Senior
    • Maria Jahja - Stats + Econ, Sophomore
    • Tengjia Peng - Nuclear Eng, MS
    • Amy Mou - Math + Stats, Senior

  • - Data Cruncherz - Duke
  • Mapping Viewer Browsing Behavior and Turning Views into Transactions
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Joshua Latner - Bio + Stats, Senior
    • Travis Britain - Stats, Senior
    • Heather Shapiro - Stats, Senior
    • Emily Hadley - Stats, Senior
    • Meghan Scanlon - Stats, Senior

  • - Inforocks - UNC Chapel Hill
  • "EdmundsNation": A peek at Edmunds website & users
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Haoyang Yan - Information Science, MS
    • Shun Sun - Information Science, MS
    • Zhenwei Wang - EInformation Science, MS

  • - Pentagram - NCSU
  • How Can Web Usage Affect Transaction of Potential Customers?
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Ji Zhou - Econ, MS
    • Chuyue Wang - Applied Math + Stats, Junior
    • Jiaxin Zhao - Stats, Senior
    • Ying Yu - Stats, Senior
    • Yuting Cheng - Stats, Senior

  • - Shimakaze - Duke
  • Top brands
  • [Presentation]
    • Chengen Xie - Econ + CS, MS
    • Xiao Tan - ECE, MS
    • Ashwin Shankar - MEM, MS
    • Aziz Jawadwala - MEM, MS
    • Mihika Gulati - MEM, MS

  • - untitled - Duke
  • The price-change effect on uncertainty in purchasing
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Gaoang Wang - Biostatistics, MS
    • Jialiang Mao - Stats, MS
    • Princeton Lee - Stats, MS
    • Yongjian Bi - Stats, MS
    • Zheng Ding - Stats, MS

  • - Honorable mention: OLSors - UNC Chapel Hill
  • The Tale of Time
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Chen Yi - Stats + Operations Research, MS
    • Rohit Gupta - CS, MS
    • Herbie Huang - Econ, MS
    • Shuyi Jiang - Operations Research, MS
    • Xue Du - Stats + Operations Research, MS

  • - Honorable mention: Data Dominatrix - Duke
  • Optimizing New Dealer Partnership
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • David Kornberg - BME, Senior
    • Nicholas Becker - Econ, Senior
    • Sam Ginsburg - ECE + CS, Junior
    • Grant Costa - Physics + CS, Sophomore
    • Jonathan Reshef - ECE, Senior

  • - Beer to Go - UNC Chapel Hill
  • Who Are the Long-Distance Customers?
  • [Presentation]
    • Bryan Davis - STOR, MS
    • Ruotong Yang - STOR, MS
    • Mengbing Li - Biostat, Sophomore
    • Dawei Zhao - Stats, Junior

  • - DATABULL - Duke
  • How advertisements effect customers' final purchase and Edmunds' business
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Yutao Fu - Engineering, MS
    • Jiaqi Wu - MEM, MS
    • Siyang Zhou - MEM, MS
    • Roshan Bhoj - MEM, MS

  • - DUANG - UNC Chapel Hill
  • Tailored Car Shopping Experience
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Ziyou Wu - CS, Senior
    • Min Yang - Health Policy & Management, Senior
    • Yongwei Zheng - MDS, Sophomore
    • Fuhui Fang - Math, Junior
    • Tianshu Ren - Stats, Senior

  • - Eureka - Duke
  • Key areas of improvement
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Elder Yoshita - CS + ECE, Senior
    • Rui Xu - Stats, Senior
    • Phillip Lee - Stats, Senior
    • Rebecca Lai - CS + Visual Arts, Senior
    • Yijun Li - Stats, Sophomore

  • - Joe Bars - NCSU
  • Discounts and distances
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Andrew Kelliher - Materials Sci + Eng, Sophomore
    • Peter Benson - Mechanical Eng, Sophomore
    • Christopher Nobblitt - Stats, Sophomore
    • Zack Tanner - Stats, Sophomore

  • - MAASK - Duke
  • Converting leads to sales
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Anubhav Awasthi - MEM, MS
    • Anurag Sodhi - MEM, MS
    • Keshav Somasekhar - MEM, MS
    • Mehak Bhatia - MEM, MS
    • Sathwika Reddy Kandi - MEM, MS

  • - N/A - Duke
  • Converting leads to sales
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Xinyi Li - Stats, MS
    • Yanyu (Anne) Liu- Stats, MS
    • Yu Chen - Stats, MS
    • Yue (April) Mu - Stats, MS
    • Yuhao Liang - Stats, MS

  • - NeuralSpyder - Duke
  • Traffic Data Exploration
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Siyang Xue - ECE, MS
    • Tiancheng Liu- ECE, MS
    • Xiaoxi Wang - ECE, MS
    • Shijia Bian - Stats, MS
    • Teng Hu - ECE, MS

  • - Statisfaction - Duke
  • Trends in Customer Engagement That You ​"Auto"​ Know
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Katrina Zhu - CS, First-year
    • Garrett Post - CS + Global Health, First-year
    • Elbert Wang - Econ, First-year
    • Anne Driscoll - Environmental Sci, First-year
    • Eidan Jacob - Stats + Global Health, First-year

  • - statsUP - Duke
  • Strategies in retaining customers and promoting sales
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Jingkang Zhao - Biostat, MS
    • Jingzhu (Kathy) Zhou - Biostat, MS
    • Liqi Feng - Biostat, MS
    • Siyun Yang - Biostat, MS
    • Yonghang Wang - Econ, MS

  • - TwoSigmaSquared - Duke
  • Distance and sales
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Chin Jie Lim - ECE, First-year
    • Jackie Xiao - ECE, First-year
    • Adithya Raghunathan - ECE + CS, First-year
    • Wei Tang - ECE + CS, First-year
    • Yi Yan Tay - ECE + CS, First-year

  • - wa jue ji - Duke
  • Advertisements based on consistency
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Chi Kim Trinh - BME, Sophomore
    • Dayou Zhuo - Stats, Sophomore
    • Sam Yin - Stats, Sophomore
    • Xinyi (Lucy) Lu - Stats, Sophomore
    • Jimmy Zhang - Stats + CS, Sophomore

  • - Wolverines - U of Michigan
  • How to retain users on Edmunds' website?
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Kristine Lan - Informatics, Junior
    • Shiqing Yu - Math, Senior
    • Tianwen Ma - Stats, Senior
    • Avery Wu - Stats + Math, Junior
    • Hwanwoo Kim - Stats + Math, Senior

Outside data:

  • - Honorable mention: Chupacabras - NCSU
  • Focusing on Rural Users
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Catie McVey - Animal Science + Stats, Senior
    • Dan Oliver - Stats, Junior
    • Vamshi Guduguntla - Industrial Eng, MS
    • Kedia Abhishek - Operations Research, MS

  • - Honorable mention: StatSquad - Duke
  • Characterizing Profit-Generating Customers
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Xirui Liu - Econ + Stats, Sophomore
    • Callie Mao - Stats + CS, Sophomore
    • Kelvin Niu - Stats + CS, Sophomore

  • - A+ - Duke
  • Connecting Consumer Expenditures with Edmunds Data
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Joshua Fink - Sociology + Stats, MS
    • Siddharth Shivaprakash - ECE, MS

  • - BoxCox - Duke
  • Clustering Based Recommendation System
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Tushar Krishnan - BME, MS
    • Dipesh Gautam - Stats & Econ Modeling, MS
    • Haosheng Luo - Stats & Econ Modeling, MS
    • Radhika Anand - Stats & Econ Modeling, MS
    • Layla Liu - Stats & Econ Modeling, MS

  • - Crappyminers - Duke
  • Why buy larger cars?
  • [Writeup]
    • Heng Ye - Chemical Eng, MS
    • Xinchang Xie - Decision Sciences, MS
    • Weizhi Wang - MEM, MS
    • Yifan Tang - MEM, MS
    • Zhongliang Huang - MEM, MS

  • - Data Warriors - Duke
  • Exploring outside Data
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Chun Liu - MEM, MS
    • Jun Yin - MEM, MS
    • Khalil Ben Naceur - MEM, MS
    • Perry Kim - MEM, MS
    • Xiao Xu - MEM, MS

  • - Golden Rationalists - NCSU
  • Exploring temporal and spatial patterns for marketing
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Lilian Cheung - Stats, MS
    • Jiaxing Bao - Stats, MS
    • Abhishek Agrawal - CS, MS

  • - Statistical Sleuths - Duke
  • Metrics for Edmunds
  • [Presentation] [Writeup]
    • Rex Ying - CS, Junior
    • Shelley Chen - Econ, Senior
    • Zenia Zheng - Econ + Stats, Senior
    • Mao Hu - Stats, Senior
    • Ruilin Zhong - Stats + Econ, Senior

We would also like to thank our judges for the hard work they did in picking winners and honorable mentions among so many good projects:

Angela Zoss (Duke Libraries, Data Visualization Coordinator), Brittany Cohen (APT, Quality Assurance Engineer), Courtney Raskob (Edmunds, Senior Statistician), Eric Monson (Duke's Scientific Visualization Initiative, Research Scientist), Gina Maria Pomann (Duke Medicine, Duke Translational Medicine Institute Biostatistics Core), Joel Herndon (Duke Libraries, Head, Data and Visualization Services), Josh Howes (MaxPoint, Senior Data Scientist), Justin Post (NCSU, Teaching Assistant Professor), Kai Zhang (UNC STOR, Assistant Professor), Li Ma (Duke StatSci, Assistant Professor), Liz Turner (Biostat & Global Heath, Assistant Professor), Paul Bendich (Duke Math + iiD, Assistant Research Professor), Rob Hardy (Edmunds, Director, Analytics R&D)

as well as our VIP consultants for their valuable mentorship and being so generous with their time throughout the weekend:

Adam Martin (City of Raleigh, Open Raleigh Manager), Alana Unfried (NCSU Statistics, PhD Student), Anthea Monod (Duke StatSci, Visiting Assistant Professor), Ben Raskob (Applied Research Associates, Computer Vision Scientist), Brian Naughton (NCSU Statistics, PhD Student), Christine Chai (Duke StatSci, PhD Student), Cliburn Chan (Duke Biostat/StatSci, Associate Professor), Damian Herrick (WedPics, Chief Data Officer), Daniel Egger (Duke MEM - Center for Quantitative Modeling, Executive in Residence and Director), Fan Li (Duke StatSci, Assistant Professor), Feilun Wu (Duke BME, PhD Student), Frances Tong (Becton Dickinson Technologies, Staff Data Scientist), Guillaume Guy (AlixPartners, Predictive Analytics Consultant), James Joseph (PRA Health Sciences, Statistical Clinical Programmer), Jason Oettinger (Duke Innovation Co-Lab, Co-Lab Technical Consultant), Jesse Windle (Duke StatSci, Visiting Assistant Professor), Jewell Thomas (MaxPoint, Data Scientist), Jim Copeland (Panton Inc., Vice President of System Implementation and Client Support), Joanne Lo (NCSU Statistics, PhD Student), John Nicholson (Duke MEM, Adjunct Assistant Professor), Ksenia Kyzyurova (Duke StatSci, PhD Student), Kunal Mangal (BB&T, Vice President ), Lu Wang (Duke StatSci, PhD Student), Maria DeYoreo (Duke StatSci, PostDoc), Maria Silverhardt (New Century Planning, Data Analyst/Consultant), Maria Terres (NCSU Statistics, PostDoc), Mark Dakkak (Duke Institute for Health Innovation, Clinical Informatics Analyst), Mark Lowe (MaxPoint, Director, Product Analytics), Mitchel Gorecki (MaxPoint, Data Scientist), Mohammad Reza Sanatkar (Duke ECE, PhD Student), Sudipta Dasmohapatra (NCSU Institute for Advanced Analytics, Assistant Professor), Surya Tokdar (Duke StatSci, Assistant Professor), Terry Hyslop (Duke Biostatistics, Director of DCI Biostatistics), Tony Guangyu Tong (Duke Network Analysis Center, PhD Student), Ty Kim (NC A&T State University, Assistant Professor), Willem van den Boom (Duke StatSci, PhD Student), Xi Chen (Duke StatSci, PhD Student), Xiangyu Wang (Duke StatSci, PhD Student), Yue Jiang (UNC Chapel Hill Global Public Health, PhD Student), Zack Scholl (Duke, PhD Student), Zhenhuan Lei (Duke Fuqua, PhD Student)


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These workshops are recommended for DataFest participants, but they're open to everyone. Schedule will be posted soon.
All workshops will be held in the The Edge Workshop Room at Duke University. Pizza will be served at all events!


This page will be updated as the event approaches.

  • Friday, April 6, 2018


    @Penn Pavillion unless otherwise noted

    • 4-6pm - Registration
    • 6-7pm - Kickoff & Meet the data
    • 7pm - Dinner
    Consultants available for help until midnight, you can work as late as you like.

  • Saturday, April 7, 2018

    Carry on!

    @Penn Pavillion all day

    • 9am - Breakfast
    • 12:30pm - Lunch
    • 5:30pm - Group photo
    • 6:00pm - Dinner
    • 11:50pm - Midnight snack
    Consultants available for help until midnight, you can work as late as you like.

  • Sunday, April 8, 2018

    Wrap up!

    @Penn Pavillion unless otherwise noted

    • 9am - Breakfast
    • 12pm - Stop work & Lunch
    • 1pm-3pm - First round of presentations and judges' deliberations - Various locations
    • 3-4:30pm - Final round of presentations & judges' deliberations - Penn Pavillion
    • 4:30-5pm - Award ceremony - Penn Pavillion
    Consultants available for help until 1pm.


If you would like to write about or cover ASA DataFestTM in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • How do I sign up?

    Click here to sign up. Please fill out the form fully. Each member of the team must register separately. Ideally, you will have already chosen a team name, but this can be changed later. If you'd like to compete but don't have a team, send us an email and we'll link you up with other students who are looking for teammates. Seats are limited, so register early! The registration deadline is Friday, March 18, at midnight. There is a nominal registration fee of $20, but you can apply for a registration grant. To do so, simply check the appropriate box on the registration form. These will be approved on a rolling basis, and you will find out within a few days of applying.
  • Who is eligible to compete?

    All Duke, UNC, NCSU undergraduate and MS students are eligible to compete.
  • What about PhD students?

    We would love to have PhD students get involved as consultants during the event.
  • How large are the teams?

    Teams can be made up of 2-5 students.
  • Do I have to compete in a team?

    Yes, but let us know if we can help you find a team.
  • What if I don't have a team in mind, or if we need more people in the team?

    You can note this when you sign up and we'll put you in touch with others in the same boat.
  • What do I need to compete?

    All you need is a laptop with tools for data analysis (there is no limitation on which software you use) and enthusiasm for data.
  • What are the rules of the competition?

    The rules are very simple:
    • No more than five students members per team.
    • Team members can come and go as they please but all work has to be done on-site. A steady supply of food, beverage, and candy make it more inviting to stay.
    • It's a competition, but a friendly one, so collaboration between teams is not only allowed but highly encouraged. Official ASA DataFestTM consultants (grad students, faculty, data professionals, etc.) will also be around throughout the weekend to help with any questions you might have. However you can't have outside help.
  • Do we have to stay the entire time?

    No. You may come and go as you please. However, you are not allowed to work on the project except while you are on ASA DataFestTM grounds, and at least 3 members of your team must attend the introduction.
  • What can I win?

    ASA student memberships, medals, books, fame, glory, or some combination thereof... And you get a t-shirt!.
  • Where else is ASA DataFestTM happening?

    ASA DataFestTM is growing fast! See here for a list of all participating institutions. If you are interested in holding ASA DataFestTM at your institution, click here to get more information on the event.
  • Other questions?

    Please don't hesitate to contact your local organizer with any questions:

Contact us

Questions regarding participation, organization, volunteering, and sponsorship can be directed to Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel.

You can also find us on Twitter and on Facebook.