Statistics 122/290: Bayesian and Modern Data Analysis

Support Readings

The course assumes knowledge of basic probability theory and statistical models at the level of Statistical Inference by George Casella and Roger Berger. This is the book used in STA 213. We will refer to this book from time to time for basic distribution theory and classical inference. This book is recommended if you do not already have a copy, but other basic probability and statistics texts can be substituted. Casella and Berger's text will be available in the SECC.

Useful references for the R programming language include:

Useful reference books for LaTeX include:

Most researchers in statistical science write in LaTeX. In the Department of Statistical Science, it is the preferred word processor for PhD and Masters theses, and for undergraduate major research project papers. So, if you are on one of these tracks, it is worth learning some LaTex in this course.

Please check the computing page for additional links to support material on R, LaTeX, and emacs.