Mike West, Duke University  

Mike West
The Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of Statistics & Decision Sciences
Department of Statistical Science, Duke University

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Some videos of research talks, public talks & tutorials:

Bayesian predictive decision synthesis

Durham University, Oct 2022
Bruno de Finetti Lecture

ISBA World Meeting
Montreal, Jun 2022
Multivariate dynamic systems

Spring Lecture Series
Univ Arkansas, Apr 2019

Akaike Memorial Award
Tokyo, Sep 2018
Bayesian predictive synthesis

ISBA World Meeting
Edinburgh, Jun 2018
Graphical dynamic models

Turing Lecture
Alan Turing Institute
London, Jul 2016
Network flow modelling

Newton Institute
Cambridge, Jul 2016
Bayesian predictive synthesis

EBEB, Belo Horizonte
Brazil, Feb 2016
Duke 25th - History

Duke University, Oct 2012
Bayesian dynamic modelling

ISBA Foundational Lecture
Kyoto, June 2012
Dynamic Bayes

Lecture in honour of
Sir Adrian Smith
Crete, June 2011
Sparsity modelling in dynamic models

Newton Institute, Cambridge, January 2008
Sparsity modelling in genomics

Newton Institute, Cambridge, April 2008
Dynamic cellular networks

Newton Institute, Cambridge, June 2008