PROPA: Probabilistic Pathway Annotation
- Bayesian Models and Analysis -

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Precompiled binary distributions are available here.

Download the appropriate copy for the target platform and extract/copy the binary file to a working directory, then set the executable privilege as necessary. No other libraries are needed to run PROPA. Click on the button containing the name of your operating system below to download the relevant version.

  • Windows 64 bit
    The Windows 64 bit version is provided as .exe binary directly. Download the file directly to a target working directory. No further installation is necessary.

  • 64 bit Linux (compiled on CentoS 6)
    The 64 bit Linux version is zipped into a tar.gz file. After downloading to the target machine, unzip and extract via
    gzip -d propa.tar.gz
    tar -xvf propa.tar
    Then install by simply copying the binary to the target working directory and setting executable privilege if necessary.

The program can be run directly or from within Matlab or R, taking text file inputs and producing summary text file outputs. The code is self-contained, requires no libraries and has been optimized for speed. A script file interface is available so PROPA can be run from a command window as well as from within Matlab or R.