Tentative schedule:

Below is a tentative schedule for the course (PS: Problem set, L: Lab, PE: Peer evaluation, and PR: Project, RA: Readiness assessment).

Links to slides and assignments will be updated prior to each unit. Additional resources (learning objectives, videos, etc.) for each unit under the resources tab.

Week Unit Date Topic Due In class Popular media
Week 0 Unit 1 - Introduction to data 09-Jan Lab - Welcome, data collection, etc. Gmail addresses
Getting to know you
CAOS Pretest (RNT9664DQB)
10-Jan Introduction
Week 1 14-Jan Lab 0 - Intro for R and Rstudio Class survey (by 9pm) Meet teams
15-Jan Data collection, observational studies and experiments RA1 Scientific American: Anecdotal evidence
17-Jan Exploratory data analysis Shapes of distributions Wired: Placebo effect
Week 2 21-Jan MLK day - No lab
22-Jan Introduction to statistical inference via simulation Clicker registration, PS1
Unit 2 - Probability and Distributions 24-Jan Probability and conditional probability RA2
Week 3 28-Jan Lab 1 - Introduction to data
29-Jan Bayesian inference
31-Jan Normal distribution PS2
Week 4 04-Feb Lab 2 - Probability L1
05-Feb Binomial distribution PE1 RadioLab: Milgram's Experiment
Unit 3 - Foundations for inference 07-Feb Variability in estimates and CLT PS3 RA3
Week 5 11-Feb Lab 3 - Sampling distributions L2
12-Feb Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing
14-Feb Decision errors, significance levels, sample size, and power PS4
Week 6 18-Feb Lab 4 - Confidence intervals L3
19-Feb Review / synthesis PE2
Review: Midterm - Fall 2012 - [solutions]
Review: Practice Problems
Review session - 4:30 - 5:30pm - Physics 130
21-Feb Midterm - [grade distribution]
Week 7 Unit 4 - Inference for numerical variables 25-Feb Lab 5 - Bootstrap confidence intervals L4
26-Feb Bootstrap, paired, difference of two means
28-Feb t-distribution RA4
Week 8 04-Mar Lab 6 - Inference for numerical variables L5
05-Mar ANOVA
07-Mar ANOVA (cont.) PS5
08-Mar PR1 proposal
10-Mar PE3 (by midnight)
Week 9 11-Mar Spring Break - No lab
12-Mar Spring Break - No class
14-Mar Spring Break - No class
Week 10 Unit 5 - Inference for categorical variables 18-Mar Lab 7 - Inference for categorical variables L6
19-Mar Inference for proportions - theoretical RA5
21-Mar Inference for proportions - simulation PS6
Week 11 25-Mar Lab - Work on Project 1 L7
26-Mar Finish up slides from last time...
28-Mar Chi-square
29-Mar PR1, PE4
Week 12 Unit 6 - Simple linear regression 01-Apr Lab 8 - Simple linear regression
02-Apr Introduction to SLR RA6
04-Apr Outliers & Inference for SLR PS7
Week 13 08-Apr Lab - Work on project 2 L8
09-Apr Confidence and prediction intervals for SLR
Unit 7 - Multiple linear regression 11-Apr Introduction to MLR PS8 RA7
Week 14 15-Apr Lab 9 - Multiple linear regression PE5
16-Apr Inference, model selection & diagnostics for MLR and Transformations
18-Apr Case study & Work on Project 2 L9, PS9
Week 15 22-Apr Lab - Project 2 Presentations
23-Apr Review / synthesis
Spring 2012 - Midterm 2 - [Key]
Practice problems - Final - [Key]
24-Apr PR2, PE6 (for project)
02-May Final review (optional) - 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Location: FCIEMAS SCHICIANO A
04-May Final (2pm - 5pm) - [grade distribution]