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Associate Professor of Statistical Science
and Computer Science

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Structural Biology & Biophysics
Duke Center for Systems Biology

Duke University



I am an Associate Professor of Statistical Science and Computer Science at Duke University.

I received my PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford University, and a BA in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

My research interests include bioinformatics, stochastic modeling, machine learning, and statistical computing. I teach courses in multivariate analysis, stochastic modeling and Monte Carlo methods, computational structural biology, and statistics for bioinformatics.

More information about my research and a list of recent publications are available from my homepage.

My personal activities center around rock and ice climbing and mountaineering. I also enjoy a variety of other outdoor sports and training activities including running, hiking, paddling, and cycling. I also maintain non-professional interests in related scientific areas such as exercise physiology and sports nutrition.


Office: 223D Old Chem Bldg
Mail: Box 90251
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708 USA

Email: schmidler@stat.duke.edu
Phone: (919) 684-8064
Fax: (919) 684-8594
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