Mike West, Duke University  

Mike West
The Arts & Sciences Professor of Statistics & Decision Sciences
Department of Statistical Science
Duke University

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University Courses

Recent, current or forthcoming (most recent vintages of each):

  • STA 942 Time Series & Forecasting (S2022)
  • STA 642 Time Series & Dynamic Models (F2021)
  • STA 701s Readings in Statistical Science (F2021)
  • STA 831 Probability & Statistical Models (S2021)
  • STA 790 Special Topics/Bayesian Forecasting (F2020)
  • STA 340 Introduction to Statistical Decision Analysis (F2019)
  • STA 623 Statistical Decision Theory (F2019)
Other courses and specific topics taught in the past:
Bayesian statisticsBayesian decision analysis
Data analysisGeneralised linear models
Introduction to APLIntroductory applied statistics
Introductory regression analysisIntroductory statistics
Matlab for statisticsMixture models in statistics
Mathematical statisticsMultivariate statistics
Sequential analysisSpectral theory and analysis
Statistical genomicsStatistical inference
Survival analysisUndergraduate research

Professional Short Courses, Summer Schools & Tutorials

  • Many earlier 1-5 day short courses, mainly on time series and Bayesian forecasting for both academic and commercial audiences, during the two decades 1983--2003. But ... not recorded or available on-line.